Chinese Embassy in Ukraine: launch emergency support for Chinese citizens to remotely apply for travel permits

2022-06-21 0 By

According to the official website of the “Chinese Embassy in Ukraine”, in view of the current security situation, in order to ensure the personal safety of Chinese citizens, the Consular Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine has started emergency support for Remote application of travel permits for Chinese citizens.Please take photos or scan all the required documents and send them to The electronic documents must be complete and clear, and the email should be marked “Chinese citizens apply for emergency travel permits (applicant’s Chinese name)”.In addition to the conventional materials, the applicant’s electronic id photo must be included. In order to save the audit time, please upload all the materials at one time and do not send them repeatedly, so as not to affect the process of processing the certificate.If it is for a minor, the minor is the applicant, and a video of the applicant and the guardian (one or both parents) appearing together must be provided.At the same time, due to the seriousness of the identity document, please ensure that the date of birth, Chinese name and Chinese pinyin of the minor are correct and consistent with the birth certificate.The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine will release the list and date of obtaining certificates in advance on the consular Services section of the embassy’s official website according to the security situation once the certificates are made in batches.Please wait patiently for the notice to be issued and take safety precautions.Except for emergency support for travel permits, visa, notarization, certification, marriage registration and passport replacement will be suspended.Source: CCTV news client