Zhangjiakou city these railways will be started soon highway will be open to traffic

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This year, Zhangjiakou will focus on the “Olympic Economic Promotion Year”, “Project construction speed up year” and “business environment improvement year” activities, promoting the construction of 20 transportation infrastructure, speed up the improvement of comprehensive transportation system.We will strengthen railway infrastructure.Strive to worship ceremony to sell too tin railway source period of project construction, promote the Beijing Zhang Gaotie run service base (zhangjiakou) by train project’s first phase project of storage yard, zhangjiakou station integrated passenger transportation hub in the south square project construction, improve the xuanhua area, garden area, huailai county high-speed hub supporting engineering, enhance the level of traffic organization.We will improve the highway network.We will ensure that the Zhangbei-Shangyi section of the Beijing-Shangshang Expressway is completed and opened to traffic by the end of July, push forward the construction of the beijing-Xinjiang-Beijing-Tibet expressway connection line and the new National Highway 109 highway project, and advance the preliminary work of the Zhangbei-Chongli section of the Beijing-Shangshang Expressway.Speed up national and provincial trunk line construction.To promote the construction of national Highway G112 from Chicheng to Chengde, National Highway G239 from Chicheng county, provincial Highway S302 from Zhangchengjie to Guyuan County, and provincial Highway S302 from Jimengjie to Kangbao County, and ensure that the section of Provincial Highway S228 from Langshan to Donghuayuan and the re-routing section of National Highway G239 saibei Management Area are completed and opened to traffic.Preliminary work was carried out on the section of National Highway G112 from Sigaogou to Qiansongliang, the section of National Highway G110 from North Xinbao to Xihuayuan xuanhua, the section of National Highway G335 from Malianqu to Jidong and Mongolia, and the section of provincial Highway S301 from Baituyao to Guyuan county, and 527.5 kilometers of major and middle road repairs were completed.Plan to build rural roads.We launched the project to upgrade rural roads, build and upgrade 698 kilometers of rural roads, and accelerate efforts to strengthen links in transportation development.(Ma Ming Ming Li Wei)