Walk in xinghua Historical and cultural district

2022-06-19 0 By

I tried to step on the footprints of the past let the time stop here red bricks stick pink tiles, explain the process of water layer by layer a cane chair, a cloth fan slowly shake away the end of heat a string of cotton high ready to meet the cold dew repair shop clock,Walking along the old street, the slow copper coins are clearly arranged by the rise and decline. The leisure of the fishing rod is contracted in the shop. The wood kuih is engraved with the Chinese New Year.In tailoring sewing watching thin flipping never seen vaguely in iron sea LiBing wrapped in the memory of colorful from the pan and toss grabbed a hold of the green flag like the pages to read in the footsteps of scholarly flooded the street outside the hustle and bustle of wave washed the heart empty, no longer dust floating sunshine pouring west wall wooden walls rise the temperature of the warm heart still follow the support pillars of missing I wear a back to back to not go to the END –