Two high-configuration negative pressure ambulances were put into use in Wendeng District, Weihai City

2022-06-19 0 By

In order to further improve the ability to treat and transport infectious cases and meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Two high-configured negative pressure ambulances were purchased by Gejia Central Health Center and Songcun Central Health Center of Wendeng District of Weihai city with a investment of more than 400,000 yuan respectively and put into use.It is understood that the biggest difference between the negative pressure ambulance and the ordinary ambulance is the “negative pressure isolation”, which is installed on the foundation of the ordinary ambulance with a filtration and disinfection system. In the case of transporting patients, the negative pressure system can be opened to make the air pressure in the car lower than the external atmospheric pressure, and through the exhaust device and high efficiency filter.Prevent the direct leakage of polluted air in the cabin and achieve the purpose of ventilation, no pollution to the environment, for the transport of infectious diseases to provide a safer guarantee.The negative pressure ambulance is equipped with a full set of first aid equipment such as multifunctional monitor, electrocardiogram machine, ventilator, sputum suction device, defibrillator and first aid medicine, which can provide fast, effective and timely guarantee for first aid and transfer of patients.”The negative pressure ambulance will work side by side with the medical staff to assist in safe rescue, better guarantee the emergency medical rescue work of public health emergencies, and further provide better quality medical services for the masses.”Wendeng district health bureau related person in charge said.(Correspondent Yu Dandan And Yu Juan)