Tianjin Hedong District Market Supervision Bureau launches “Sharp Sword Action” on drug safety in 2022

2022-06-19 0 By

In order to ensure the quality and safety of drugs and medical devices in its jurisdiction, and severely punish illegal behaviors and violations, Tianjin Hedong District Market Supervision Bureau made elaborate arrangements to carry out the “Sharp Sword Action” of drug safety in 2022 in the whole district.All-round supervision and inspection was conducted on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control and the quality and safety of drugs and medical devices in pharmacies under the jurisdiction.In the action, law enforcement personnel focused on the drug retail enterprises prescription drug sales by prescription, sales of drugs whether there is a purchase and sale record, cool area drug storage temperature is in line with the requirements of the inspection.If the problems found in the inspection can be rectified on the spot, a Notice of Ordered correction shall be issued and rectification shall be made on the spot.In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we will investigate and deal with the illegal acts of some pharmacies selling prescription drugs without making purchase and sale records.Up to now, 67 drug retail enterprises have been inspected, with 7 cases registered and 5 cases closed.Medical devices 7 cases were registered and 2 cases closed.One case of cosmetics was put on file and one case was closed.Next, hedong district market supervision bureau will continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control under the normalized “a product of the two machinery” supervision, sustained drug safety “sword action”, in the most rigorous standards, the most strict supervision and severe punishment, the most serious accountability, ensure the safety of the jurisdiction masses with pharmaceutical machinery with excellent performance to meet the victory at the party’s twenty.Tianjin Bureau of China Food Safety News: 022-58320133