“Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs” shaanxi strengthened the three-year action work of “Treating illegal drug abuse and promoting promotion”

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Recently, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a video scheduling meeting for the three-year action work of “Treating illegal drug abuse and Promoting drug abuse”, comprehensively understanding the progress of work and the implementation of key tasks around the country, analyzing and analyzing the main problems existing, and arranging and deploying the next stage of work.Since the implementation of the three-year action of “Treating prohibited drug residue and promoting the improvement” in 2021, the province has taken “treating prohibited drug residue and promoting the improvement” as the main focus and hard task of the quality and safety work of agricultural products in the province. The comprehensive implementation and strong promotion have achieved outstanding results.The provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs requires that all regions should strictly comply with the requirements of the three-year action implementation plan of “Governing contraband and drug control and promoting the promotion of Edible agricultural products in Shaanxi Province”, adhere to the problem-oriented, quickly carry out the “look back”, timely check the omissions and deficiencies, increase the efforts to grasp and implement, and do the work in depth and in detail;Monitoring and early warning should be strengthened. Problems found in routine monitoring and inspection should be followed up with supervision and risk assessment, and the use of banned and restricted drugs and excessive residues of conventional agricultural and veterinary drugs should be traced to the root.We need to strengthen one-to-one supervision, identify regulatory personnel, consolidate regulatory responsibilities, improve the main catalogue of key varieties, and carry out extensive investigations, inspections, and renovations.Vigorously carry out the commitment to standard certification and agricultural product quality and safety credit management, all key subjects into the quality credit system, the establishment of integrity files, the implementation of the “red and black list” system, forcing enterprises to self-discipline;Pay attention to publicity and guidance, actively organize supervision and law enforcement, technical extension personnel to carry out guidance services in production bases and agricultural and veterinary drug stores, distribute “clear and white paper” of prohibited and restricted drugs, publicize laws, regulations and policy requirements, and publicize green prevention and control technologies;We will resolutely correct the indiscriminate use, abuse and illegal addition of agricultural and veterinary drugs, raise the awareness of responsibility, the rule of law, and quality among new business entities and farmers, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products at the source, and promote the progress of the three-year campaign to control illicit drugs and promote drug abuse.(Reporter: Ai Yonghua) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com