“Pioneer moment” the Outline of Shenyang Municipal People’s Scientific Quality Action Plan (2021-2035) was issued and implemented

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Implement five actions and five key projects to improve the scientific quality of the whole people — “Shenyang City scientific Quality Action Plan Outline (2021-2035)” was issued and implemented on February 15, reporters learned that,Shenyang Municipal People’s Government recently issued the Outline of scientific Quality Action Plan for shenyang People (2021-2035) (hereinafter referred to as “scientific Quality Outline”).Starting with the action of scientific quality promotion and the key project of scientific quality construction, this paper draws a road map for comprehensively improving the scientific quality of shenyang.In order to improve the scientific quality of shenyang, serve high quality development, build the national central city, realize the all-round revitalization of Shenyang in the new era and promote the foundation of scientific quality of the whole people.Scientific quality is an important part of national quality and the foundation of social civilization progress.Citizens with scientific quality refer to advocating scientific spirit, establishing scientific thinking, mastering basic scientific methods, understanding necessary scientific and technological knowledge, and having the ability to apply scientific methods and scientific knowledge to analyze and judge affairs and solve practical problems.”Scientific quality outline” proposed that by 2025, shenyang citizens with scientific quality proportion of 19%, science supply side reform has achieved remarkable results, scientific spirit is widely promoted in the whole society, advocating innovation of the social atmosphere is increasingly strong;By 2035, about 30 percent of the city’s citizens will have scientific literacy, and equal access to public science popularization services will be basically realized, the systems and mechanisms for science popularization to serve social governance will be basically improved, the soft power of science and culture will be significantly enhanced, and the all-round human development will reach a new height.We will focus on practicing core socialist values, promoting the scientific spirit, fostering rational thinking, fostering a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly scientific way of life, and improving skills in labor, production, innovation and creation. We will implement five major initiatives to improve the quality of science during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.First, to improve the scientific quality of young people.Through will promote the scientific spirit through adolescent education the whole chain, enhance the level of basic education stage of science education, to strengthen college students’ science education and science popularization work, build scientific face-to-face education resources effective connection mechanism, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation in the backup talent cultivation plan, the implementation of scientific quality promotion actions such as 6 measures to foster reserve force for the construction of science and technology world powers.In will promote the scientific spirit education in the whole chain initiatives, scientists will intensify the spirit into the campus, popular science caravan into campus, youth, youth science camp activities such as scientific research experience, the scientific spirit into classroom teaching and extracurricular practice, promoting youth scientific interest, scientific dream, the innovation spirit and practice ability.Second, we will improve the scientific quality of industrial workers.By carrying out propaganda and education of ideals, beliefs and professional spirit, implementing shenyang Innovation Action of skills, implementing action of upgrading vocational skills, and giving play to the exemplary and leading role of entrepreneurs in improving the scientific quality of industrial workers, the vocational skills and innovation ability of industrial workers are improved, and high-quality industrial workers are created.In the implementation of the Shenyang Skills Innovation Action, the focus will be on the automobile and parts, robot, aviation and other equipment manufacturing industry, a wide range of staff skills innovation action, improve the innovation awareness and ability of the country’s artisans and professional skills.We will implement the plan for training highly skilled personnel, make use of training bases for highly skilled personnel, vocational training bases and master studios (stations) to train highly skilled personnel, and build model workers and innovation studios for employees.Training on innovation methods has been carried out in enterprises, mass innovation activities such as “Five primary schools” and “three hundred Actions” have been carried out, and evaluation of technical innovation achievements has been carried out to encourage employees to tackle key skills.Third, we will improve the scientific quality of farmers.We will promote the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy by establishing the idea that farmers believe in science, harmony and rationality, implementing the plan to cultivate high-quality farmers, and implementing the scientific and technological support action for rural revitalization.In implementing the plan to cultivate high-quality farmers, we will foster high-quality farmers with business, technology and service types at different levels, focusing on leaders of new agricultural operation subjects and service subjects, innovators of returning to the countryside to create industries, agricultural managers, and leaders of rural governance and social undertakings.The implementation of agricultural science and technology personnel quality promotion plan, grass-roots agricultural technology personnel orientation training plan, implementation of young farmers large engineering school, carry out rural electricity skills, talents, rich peasant brokers, rural science and technology business leader training, skills contest held in the new age farmers and farmers science and quality competition, local talent innovation entrepreneurship competition and other activities.We launched a program to improve the scientific literacy of rural women, a program to train women as leaders in achieving prosperity through science and technology, launched the “Women’s Campaign for rural revitalization,” and set up demonstration bases for training women in science and technology.Fourth, to improve the scientific quality of the elderly.By strengthening science popularization services for the elderly and implementing the silver Bell science popularization action, the elderly can have something to do and enjoy a happy life in their later years.In the implementation of yinling science popularization action, actively develop the resources of the elderly, vigorously develop the association of science and technology for the elderly, the association of science and technology for the elderly professors and other organizations, set up science and technology volunteer service teams for the elderly experts report on science popularization, lecturers and other groups, take advantage of the experience and intelligence advantages of the elderly experts, professors and model workers,We will carry out popular science activities in the form of reports, technical services, skills training and health consultation in rural areas, communities, schools and enterprises, and create a distinctive and popular yinbell popular science service brand.Fifth, we will improve the scientific quality of leading officials and civil servants.We will improve the scientific decision-making ability and level of leading officials and civil servants by implementing the new development concept, strengthening scientific quality education and training, and implementing scientific quality requirements in civil servant recruitment.Implementation of five scientific quality of the construction of key projects to deepen the reform of the science of supply side, increase the efficiency of the supply and focus on solid foundation, advantages, short apron, strong or weak, build subject diversity, diversity, quality, supply mechanism effective scientific quality construction system, focus on solid foundation, development characteristics, focus on the future, can build a multi-level, diverse state high quality, efficient and scientific ecological,We will carry out five key projects during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.First, science and technology resources popularization project.The supply-side reform of science popularization was promoted by implementing special action of industrial science popularization, establishing and improving mechanism of science and technology resources popularization, and implementing special action of science and technology resources popularization.Second, public science communication projects.We will promote the development and dissemination of high-quality popular science resources by promoting popular science creation, enhancing the ability of all-media science communication, and strengthening the construction of intelligent popular science.Third, infrastructure projects for popularizing science.The configuration and service of popular science facilities should be optimized by strengthening the construction of popular science infrastructure, perfecting the system of modern science and technology museum and strengthening the construction of popular science base.Fourth, the project to enhance the ability of grassroots science popularization.Four measures were taken to improve the capacity and level of popular science service at the grassroots level, including establishing and improving the coordination mechanism of emergency popular science publicity and education, perfecting the service system of popular science at the grassroots level, implementing the action plan of popular science at the grassroots level, and strengthening the construction of full-time and part-time popular science personnel.Fifth, international exchanges and cooperation projects on scientific literacy.By expanding the channels of international scientific and cultural exchanges and enriching the contents of international cooperation, we will help innovate the construction of Shenyang.Shen News all media reporter: Yue Yu