IVAN YONG 2022SS Autumn/Winter | Bride coming out of the Milky Way

2022-06-19 0 By

IVAN YONG 2022SS Autumn/Winter collection is an art creation with the theme “Arena of Art”.The designer has combined his love of the fashion stage with art to present a new couture collection, from the classic sweet black wedding dress to the dreamy blue sky dress.Beautiful mesh, gorgeous gem craft, exquisite embroidery craft, each piece is the existence of art.Unlike the traditional white gauze, this collection of couture wedding dresses is different from the traditional white wedding dress in both color and hem.Made a big change in the skirt, the wavy wedding dress moves more sophisticated, as if from the palace to the princess, elegant and noble.The embellishment of the stars, in the light of the shine, appears more brilliant, every piece is simply the best.Say the girl wears wedding dress when it is the most beautiful moment, as expected this word is not false ~ perhaps this is the girl’s most pure dream, wearing the most beautiful wedding dress, marry the person that loves most.It’s IVAN YONG who knows women’s hearts best