Does die casting chamfering necessarily require a RBZ floating spindle?

2022-06-19 0 By

Some die castings are more complex, need to deburr, chamfering, mold line and other processing, the tool to remove is usually the use of floating pneumatic file.Some die cast aluminum parts themselves only need chamfering processing, that must be the need for RBZ floating spindle?In fact, this depends on the shape of the workpiece and the size of the chamfer to determine.Some small die-cast aluminum parts, shape rules, only need chamfering, but do not need other processing, in fact, you can not need floating device, use electric spindle for chamfering, walk the outline can be.RBZ floating spindle is a combination of electric spindle and RBZ floating, so you can choose whether to use a floating spindle according to the situation of the die casting needs to be processed, and floating can also be processed with reciprocating pneumatic file.