Cross the street for the “most beautiful” peach blossom?It’s not beautiful!

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“Don’t cross the street” is basic common sense, but some people are ignoring the rules “for the sake of art” these days.Six peach trees outside the wall of the north courtyard of The Lama Temple in Beijing have been in full bloom recently, becoming a new spot for Internet celebrities to log in, Beijing Evening News reported.Many tourists are not satisfied with taking close-up shots under peach trees. Instead, they cross the road with their cameras and mobile phones when there are few cars on the road or red lights at crossroads. Standing on the opposite curb, they finish taking pictures near the passing traffic.One blogger on social media recommended the location as the best, saying it was “perfect for panoramas and long shots”.It’s a deja vu scene.National Highway 315 in Golmud, Qinghai Province, became an online sensation after some tourists took photos standing, sitting, lying down or jumping on social media platforms, ignoring the traffic.According to qinghai Traffic Police Corps, from 2018 to August 2020, there were eight traffic accidents on National Highway 315 caused by taking photos.In 2021, the rooftop of a residential area in Shanghai also attracted photographers to punch in the camera due to its unique view. Some of the punkers made dangerous moves, including breaking in by picking locks and untying doors, in the absence of proper security measures.Behind these willful clocking behaviors, there is often a driving effect of the “Internet celebrity effect”.Some scenic spots may be “ordinary”, but once they are posted on social media and labeled with “best Angle” and “best seat”, people tend to follow the herd mentality.Many people’s sense of ethics and rules will be loosened, and take chances.For example, after seeing a lot of people taking photos on National Highway 315, a blogger said bluntly, “It’s safe to take photos here, because there are so many people taking photos, so cars won’t drive too fast.”Clearly, whether you’re jaywalking or taking photos in the middle of the road, you’re putting yourself and others at great risk.As for bloggers’ suggestions on taking photos, everyone should have basic independent judgment, and should not blindly follow the trend and make fun of life.Bloggers should also give full consideration to legality and security when providing photo guides to avoid negative demonstration.For obviously risky content, online platforms can use technology filtering and other methods to prevent inappropriate behavior from being excessively spread and imitated.Traffic rules are not to be broken at will, and tourists are not allowed to “take photos” for aesthetic reasons.For such network red card points caused by traffic hazards, the relevant departments also need to make timely moves, the exposure is exposed, the punishment is punished.In addition, for the new Internet celebrity attractions, the city management department can also set up a reminder board, send more guiders and other ways to remind tourists to abide by the traffic rules, timely stop illegal behavior.Of course, we should also be aware that with the improvement of the aesthetic level of the public, people are no longer satisfied with the stereotypical “ordinary tourist photos”, but expect to shoot the content with unique composition and artistic conception.When talking about the beautiful scenery of peach blossoms outside the north wall of Yonghegong Temple, some bloggers analyzed that: “From the sidewalk on the peach tree side, you can only take flowers from a close distance, so you can’t have a panoramic view of people, peach trees and the temple wall. You can only take this scenery from the opposite side of the street.For these needs, the managers of cities and scenic spots might as well listen attentively and respond flexibly. By setting up safe viewing platforms and shooting spots, tourists can not only satisfy their psychological pursuit of “artistic effect” and “best seat”, but also ensure public safety and avoid all kinds of hidden dangers.It is important to find beautiful eyes, but common sense to be aware of danger should not be lost.In the face of net red card heat, we might as well calm down and take action.This is not only a responsibility to oneself, but also to others and society.Article/Editor ren Guanqing/Huang Shuai source: China Youth Daily client