All but death is a Bruise

2022-06-19 0 By

According to the report on February 20, Japan has been holding the “Temple Reveal Board Awards” every year since 2018. Many temple officials will spread ideas through the slogan on the board, hoping to arouse the interest of ordinary people in Buddhism and temple culture.In October 2018, Japanese people learned through the Internet that many of the submitted works in the “Temple Revealing Board Awards” also caused hot discussions on the Chinese Internet.One of the most popular slogans of the time was “All is bruise but death” from The Chaogai Temple in Hiroshima Prefecture.Why is this one the only one that resonates with Chinese netizens?One Chinese view is that the competition is fierce in China with 1.4 billion people, and young people who cannot afford to fail are under great pressure. They get inspiration and courage from these words.After that, there were also many reports about the Japanese “temple revealing board prizes” appearing on the Chinese Internet, with many meaningful slogans such as “freedom and reckless behavior are similar but different” and “are you really worshiping Buddha instead of selfish desires?””Xin + yi = luck” and so on.Some of the articles had more than 900 comments, with netizens calling the masters “living too fully.”In fact, for the Chinese, who have always liked short aphorisms, this form of slogan is quite suitable for their taste.But similar enthusiasm is hard to see in Europe.The main reason is that when these slogans are translated literally into German and English, westerners can’t understand the nuances and the beauty of them.But Chinese people are directly touched by these slogans.According to the theory of “Cultural circle of Chinese characters”, people of all countries using Chinese characters have something in common in culture, values and habits.As two countries that have lived in the same cultural circle of Chinese characters for a long time, the people of Japan and China actually have a lot in common, though they may not realize it.This is a happy thing, which can be confirmed by the popularity of temple revealboard prizes in China.(Translated by Li Ziyue from Tokyo Shimbun, January 18, originally titled “Japanese Temple slogan contest goes viral in China”)