The winter Olympics air traffic control Operation Coordination command Center has entered a 24-hour state of constant guard

2022-06-18 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games have reached its peak in Beijing today.North China air traffic control operation coordination command center for winter Olympics.From today until the end of the opening ceremony, the command center will be on 24-hour alert.According to reports, the North China Air Traffic management bureau and the capital Airport related Olympic security departments actively implement airport parking and alternate airport and other related issues, and strive to consider each work more carefully, to ensure that nothing is lost.During the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the concentration of Olympics-related flights, north China Air Traffic control on the opening of the Winter Olympic Games during the real-time flow management principles, methods, and complex weather conditions under the choice of domestic flights alternate airport for clear.In order to ensure the safety and smoothness of flight, front-line operation departments also transfer business backbone to relevant units on duty to ensure the timely and smooth transmission of information.North China Air Traffic Control Increased the monitoring of the general flights involved in The Olympic Games, paid close attention to the operation of the general flights involved in the Olympic Games in real time, actively reported and coordinated relevant departments, and jointly carried out security work.In addition, the meteorological department provides special weather services according to important time points, and encrypts service frequency in complex weather conditions such as strong winds, snowfall and low visibility.Introduced the China Meteorological Administration (cma) in Beijing city institute every 10 minutes to update the spatial resolution of 500 meters of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region as well as the spatial resolution of 100 meters to the urban areas of central Beijing wind, temperature, moisture and precipitation forecast 24 hours aging products, such as low visibility to the capital airport (advection fog), transformation of rain and snow, snow provides fine wind direction wind speed forecasting difficulties such as the basis,In order to improve the quality of aviation weather services and the winter Olympics flight regularity escort.Photo source: Shi Yu, Huo Miao, Huang Bingmei, Zhang Yuwen, Beijing Youth Daily, Lin Lishuang, Editor, Fan Hongwei