Nantong city announced the first typical gas violation cases in 2022

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In order to cope with the recent pollution weather and continue to improve the city’s air quality, Nantong ecological environment law enforcement system continues to “reduce pollution and carbon, source treatment” as the general goal, to carry out special atmospheric law enforcement inspection, to promote the modernization of Nantong’s atmospheric environment governance system and governance capacity.Now the typical cases found since 2022 will be published, hoping that the majority of enterprises take warning.Nantong ecological environment comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau remote and nantong port lock area hong ding motor vehicle detection co., LTD., not according to specification for motor vehicle test case 1 basic facts on January 12, 2022, nantong ecological environment monitoring center in nantong motor vehicle emission inspection institution for routine check and remote data video patrol found in the process,Hongding Motor Vehicle Testing Co., LTD., Gangzha District, Nantong City, is suspected of operating irregularities when it adopts loading deceleration method to test diesel vehicles.The data team of The Ecological environment Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Nantong city immediately started the research and judgment mechanism, and conducted remote evidence collection for the behavior of non-standard detection and placed a case on file. The Ecological environment Monitoring Center of Nantong City reviewed the relevance, authenticity and integrity of electronic data.After reviewing the testing process data, it was found that when the agency detected some vehicles, the maximum wheel edge power in the scanning stage was less than that in the detection stage, and the torque of the dynamometer at 100% detection point was about twice that at 80% detection point. It was suspected that the throttle did not keep the fully open position during the power scanning stage and 80% detection point.Does not meet the requirements of emission limits and Measurement Methods of Diesel Vehicles (GB3847-2018).Through the monitoring video remote review of the detection process, it is found that there are still some problems such as unused cooling fans and non-standard engine speed monitoring.After investigation, the company admitted that there were violations in the testing process, and recalled the relevant vehicles for re-inspection.2 investigation situation in nantong, the ecological environment comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau of the organization in violation of the regulations on the motor vehicle exhaust pollution control in jiangsu province not in accordance with the specification for testing in line with the provisions of article 21 of the behavior of the initiate an investigation, it shall be ordered to immediately stop the illegal behavior, according to the specification for motor vehicle emission inspection, fined and confiscate the illegal income.3 typical significance to further optimize the regulatory enforcement to carry out the “nothing is one of law-abiding businesses, the threat of illegal enterprises” the work of the general requirements, nantong ecological environment bureau first try first, to establish “monitoring and law enforcement” data to team mechanism, using the “data checking + + analysis of audit evidence fixed” mode of remote law enforcement,Handled the first “remote ticket” in the history of the city’s ecological environment system.Motor vehicle emission inspection agency testing data (including video surveillance) has the characteristics of “true, accurate and complete”, the field is carried out off-site supervision law enforcement quality “experimental field”, and expand the application field of off-site enforcement punishment, the integrated use of polluters automatic monitoring, motor vehicle inspection institution regulation, power monitoring, video monitoring platform,We will fully tap the inherent clues and value of data, further improve the effectiveness of law enforcement, promote the modernization of ecological and environmental governance systems and capabilities, and provide solid scientific and technological support for deepening the battle against pollution.Using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight found in South America white shrimp farmers forbidden zone in coal 1 basic facts on January 14, 2022, nantong some ecological environment department law enforcement personnel using drones in phonic town for flight check ring fishing village South America white shrimp culture zones, high in ring fishing village culture zones for law enforcement inspection, the discovery of caigang room, vent clues such as the target,Hovering around these key points for observation, it was found that there were piles of coal on the north side of the ring Road. Law enforcement officers then walked around and found coal stored on the west side outside the boiler room of Ding Qinghua’s individual farmers.An atmospheric hot water boiler was installed in the southwest boiler room of the individual farmer. During the on-site inspection, coal was piled in the southwest boiler room and the coal was burning in the furnace, which did not comply with the relevant provisions of the Circular of Rudong County People’s Government on adjusting the No-burning Zone of High-pollution Fuels.Ding Qinghua, an individual prawn farmer, failed to use high-pollution fuel lump coal in the no-burning zone in accordance with the provisions of the Second paragraph of Article 38 of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China. Nantong Rudong Ecological Environment Bureau has registered the investigation and punishment of the individual prawn farmer on January 14, 2022.3 typical significance of South American white shrimp farmers in the east coast of the wide area of large amount, widely distributed, if only by law enforcement officers feet in the shrimp shed shuttle inspection, time-consuming and laborious.Uav has a wide range of vision, breaking the vision limitation that law enforcement personnel have been unable to break through for many years. For some places with complicated terrain, UAV can also be used to monitor the area, and it can quickly grasp the situation in the area, which can save a lot of human and material resources.This case makes full use of advanced technology and equipment uav to assist law enforcement, improving the ability and efficiency of environmental supervision and law enforcement.Nantong blog post machinery technology co., LTD. Industrial coating unused low volatile organic compounds content coatings 1 basic facts on January 19, 2022, haimen ecological environmental enforcement law enforcement personnel to nantong bo machinery technology co., LTD. Double random inspection, on-site inspection, the unit machining is organizing operation, the unit field use 51 car paint,Environmental law enforcement officers using convenient VOCs detector in the unit of the use of the 51 brand car paint above the test, the value of 727.7mg/m3, after the investigation, the unit to provide a product called alkyd car paint (red) inspection report shows that volatile organic compounds for 457g/L.According to the “low volatile organic compound content coating product technical requirements” (GB/T38597-2020) mentioned in the industrial protective coating of engineering machinery and agricultural machinery coatings in the primer, paint and finish paint volatile organic compound content should be less than 250, 250 and 300 g/l.At present, Haimen Ecology and Environment Bureau has filed a case investigation on January 20, 2022 for the unit’s failure to use low-volatile organic compound coating in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China.3. Typical significance one is that while strengthening daily supervision and law enforcement and irregular on-site inspection, environmental supervision should be combined with double random inspection to sort out common problems of enterprises and deal with them in time once problems are found.Two is good at using high-tech means, the active use of portable VOCs detector and other advanced equipment, is conducive to the collection, fixation and preservation of evidence, improve the efficiency of handling cases.Three is to increase the fight against environmental illegal behavior, the behavior of environmental pollution must be severely punished in accordance with the law, in order to investigate and punish one, a batch of deterrence.On January 12, 2022, rugao Wanda Metal Component Co., LTD was reported to the public that the exhaust gas of Rugao Wanda Metal Component Co., LTD was causing nuisance to the public.On January 13, 2022, nantong rugao ecological environment department law enforcement officers immediately on-site inspection of the units, the unit is mainly engaged in production, ship accessories processing project inspection, when the unit is confirmed by the verification, the unit during the January 12 evening painting-safety waste gas treatment facilities is running, but the workers are not closed door in paint shop in time,Causing a small amount of volatile organic compounds to spill.The unit failed to close the door of the painting workshop in time, resulting in volatile organic compounds spilt, which has been suspected of violating the provisions of Article 45 of air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, and has been registered on January 18, 2022.3 Typical significance Environmental petition directly reflects the voice of the people, the quality of investigation and treatment of petition is directly related to the image of the ecological environment department in the people, but also related to the vital interests of the people.Ecological and environmental departments will not relent in any environmental violations they find, maintain a high pressure on law enforcement, and severely crack down.The producers and operators of enterprises have weak legal awareness, the implementation of environmental governance responsibilities is not in place, and there are blind spots in the production management of enterprises. The producers and operators of enterprises must take warning, find the root causes, formulate a practical and effective environmental pollution control system, and give full play to the environmental governance efficiency of pollution prevention and control facilities.At the same time, environmental laws and regulations should be regularly studied to improve enterprises’ environmental management ability and boost their green development.Jiangsu Haiyang Integrated Construction Technology Co., LTD. Spray painting and air drying were not carried out in a confined space or equipment, and pollution prevention and control facilities were not installed and used in accordance with the provisions.On-site inspection when the company is the production, the main products for the container, the production process is: raw material – cutting – welding – interior – spray – drying – finished products, there is a green container production workshop on the west side, law enforcement officers with the hand touch, found that the paint, the ground has obvious paint marks, field use portable VOCs inspection instrument,The highest VOCs value was 23.06mg/L. After investigation, the container was just sprayed with oil paint in the morning and placed in the workshop for natural drying.A paint stack near the east side of the container contains acrylic metal finish, thinner and hardener.The production workshop has no waste gas treatment facilities, the east and west sides of the door are open, the south side of the air press and workers used when painting the ladder.2 investigate conditions the company produce exhaust section does not contain volatile organic compounds in confined Spaces or equipment, use of pollution control facilities behavior, not according to stipulations in violation of the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 45, nantong haian ecological environment bureau according to the law of the People’s Republic of China on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution article one hundred and eight of the act,The company will be investigated for its environmental violations and ordered to immediately correct its environmental violations for its production and service activities that produce waste gas containing volatile organic compounds, failing to conduct in a closed space or equipment, and failing to install and use pollution prevention and control facilities in accordance with regulations. It is proposed to impose a fine of RMB 50,000 only.3 Typical Significance This case belongs to the typical case of information linkage between district and town level 3 environmental protection grid personnel and law enforcement personnel. After the grid personnel found environmental problems, they handed over the clues to the law enforcement personnel in the area in time, which improved the law enforcement efficiency and stopped environmental illegal behaviors strictly and quickly.At the same time, due to the absence of daily environmental management, some enterprises failed to implement the main responsibility of environmental protection, resulting in the occurrence of environmental pollution, facing the risk of administrative punishment.Enterprises must build and operate all kinds of pollution prevention and control facilities in strict accordance with regulations, strengthen daily management training, meet the requirements of professional, specialized posts and special personnel, introduce and train full-time environmental management personnel, improve environmental awareness and environmental management level, and take the initiative to fulfill the principal responsibility for environmental protection.On January 10, 2022, ecological and environmental law enforcement officers of Nantong Haimen city inspected the Dingjiangbo concrete mixing plant.The concrete mixing plant is a temporary mixing plant, located in jiangsu Guonong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD.According to the on-site understanding, the concrete produced by the mixing plant is only provided to jiangsu Guonong Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD. Plantations and Haimen Lvpinyuan family farm for agricultural facilities, internal roads and riverbank cofferdam supporting use.Site inspection, the mixing station is not in production.Huangsha about 20 tons in the north side of the mixing station covers an area of about 30 square meters, stacked in the open;About 30 tons of sand is located in the north side of the mixing station covers an area of about 40 square meters, stacked in the open air.In January 2022, Haimen Ecological environment Bureau filed an investigation and ordered the unit to correct its illegal behavior according to the first paragraph of Article 72 and The second paragraph of Article 117 of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Law, with a fine of RMB 10,000 only.3 Typical significance dust refers to the loose particulate matter in the natural force or human action into the ambient air formed by a certain range of particle size of the air particles.In the city, the main sources of pollution are construction dust, road dust, yard dust, soil dust and so on.Dust pollution not only has a great impact on the air quality of the environment, but also causes damage to human health.The current urban development in high speed construction, dust pollution source number, large emissions, involves many problems, such as industry, therefore, the construction units and related enterprises good dust pollution prevention and control of main body responsibility, strictly implement the dust control measures, all departments should further strengthen supervision urge, the general public the masses fully participate in supervision,Through the concerted efforts of the whole society, to jointly prevent and control dust pollution.Nantong ted special glass technology co., LTD, not ensure the normal operation of pollutants discharge automatic monitoring equipment case 1 basic facts on January 11, 2022 in nantong, ecological environment and Su Xitong park branch of law enforcement officers to nantong ted special glass technology co., LTD. To check, inspection found that the unit online monitoring facilities floating ball in the bottom of the sample gas and the gas flowmeter,The online monitoring value is abnormally low.After checking, the external air inlet of the unit’s online monitoring facilities was blocked by soot, resulting in insufficient air intake, resulting in the floating ball of the gas meter at the bottom and low monitoring factor data.Afterwards, the illegal party contacted operation and maintenance personnel on site to dredge the air inlet pipe, and the data returned to normal.The party concerned violated Article 20 of the “Sewage Permit Management Regulations”, and according to the provisions of Item 4 of Paragraph 1 of Article 36 of the “Sewage Permit Management Regulations”, Suxitong Ecological environment Bureau investigated and investigated the case.3 typical significance in the process of law enforcement based on on-line monitoring, satellite remote sensing, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, make full use of the Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other information technology, to promote “Internet + regulation”, improve the ecological environment protection regulation wisdom, precision level, strengthens the off-site supervision, nothing is one enterprise.In order to improve the supervision and law enforcement targeted, scientific, timeliness, to achieve precise law enforcement, high quality and efficient.Source: Nantong