Its tusks are powerful and its skin changes color

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Walruses, despite their tusks, are not related to land elephants.Adapted to life in the ocean, their limbs have degenerated into flippers, limiting their movements on shore and making them unwieldy.Walruses like to live in groups, often thousands of them, with strong solidarity.Walruses are known for their tusks, small eyes and stiff tentacles around their upper lip.Their limbs are like fish fins, and these flippers are not only used for paddling, but also for crawling or supporting the body.Tusks are very important for walruses. They need to drill their tusks into the ice and use their flippers to move forward when they are on the shore.Tusks are also the walrus’ most powerful weapon, useful both in defending against foreign enemies and in competing with other walruses for territory.Useful tusks 02 color “elephant” You know?Walrus skin can change color.When they enter the cold water, they rapidly constrict their blood vessels, reducing energy expenditure by restricting their blood flow.When they return to shore to bask in the sun, their blood vessels dilate enough to bring more blood to the surface of their skin, turning them reddish brown.Walruses regulate their body temperature in this way.Walruses are not picky eaters, preferring to prey on mollusks, shrimp, crabs and worms, and sometimes on sea plants.In addition to their tusks, they also use their tentacles: they use their tusks to move the sediment on the seafloor, then use their sharp tentacles to find food.Finally, XIAobian I wish you a happy Lantern Festival!Eat more tangyuan and yuanxiao will not grow fat yo ~END this book, super good-looking ☝ point share point collection