Start a bailout?Purchase subsidies of 150,000 yuan, Qinhuangdao 2022 house small climax will come?

2022-06-17 0 By

There is no doubt that the property market is down.Qinhuangdao housing prices have continued to fall for many months, resulting in volume and price declines, depressed market sentiment.In previous years, after the Spring Festival, the market will usher in a small climax, housing enterprises promotion busy, house buyers busy.Will the introduction of housing subsidies be a prelude to the rescue?Now, the vast majority of people on the pessimistic expectations of the market, the pace of the market is stagnant.To this end, housing enterprises to price for volume quietly.Recently, Qinhuangdao Shengqin Xiyuan launched housing subsidies, subsidies of up to 150,000 yuan.Such subsidies can be said to be quite attractive.However, the conditions to qualify for the subsidy do not seem prohibitively difficult. First, a bachelor’s degree, followed by proof of more than one year’s work, can qualify for the subsidy from the start-up employment Center.It is not clear whether such activities are unique to Shengqin Xiyuan or will be widely promoted.At the very least, this suggests that, after the price war started by real estate companies in late 2021, the property market in early 2022 will not be as rosy.Special, arrived at the account room to buy a small climax?As each real estate has started, special housing, the news of the account room may open a new round of publicity.The 11-story elevator mansion in the north, Emperor Qin Shanshui Tiancheng, has a unit price as low as 6,500 yuan/square meter.Jiuli Taoyuan unit price is less than 9000 yuan/square meter, western Nanling International unit price is also a record low……The low price, will detonate the market, temporarily also need to play a question mark.But if the market warms, these benefits could come to an abrupt end and become unsustainable.On the contrary, more and more buildings will launch similar concessions.The cold market, feel the people are not a few, from the city launched “rescue” policy can be known.Baoding, Zhuhai, Hefei, Kunming and other cities introduced housing subsidies;Jinan, Nanning and Fuzhou relaxed their housing provident fund policies;Baoding, Zibo, Zhuhai, Luzhou and other cities to attract talent, relax residency restrictions, housing subsidies…If the housing market continues to slump, similar rescue policies will be more and more, and will show an increase in momentum.