Ren Jialun is going to make a movie?Jia Lun, male director of Network biography of Chinese Ping Pong, netizen: Let brother rest

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Is China super going to be in a movie?I was really shocked to see the news.Ren Jialun everyone knows, the TV drama killer, starring “under the best”, “Datang glory”, “The same as before” which is not fire all over the network, especially the deep eyes captured thousands of users of the heart, also known as the man with eyes acting.Although the TV series starring Ren Jialun both word of mouth and ratings are very good, but had never heard of Ren Jialun plan to have a movie, from TV actress transformation into a film actor, though not a few, but the movie is, after all, the fast pace of things, how many movie stars want to against the instantaneous blasting fire finally has gained the title of movies.The rumor that Ren jialun will star in a movie started with Deng Chao’s Chinese Ping Pong, which was released last year. Deng Chao did his homework for the movie. After all, he brought China with him, which is no joke.The story line of “Chinese Ping Pong” is also very simple, that is, the Chinese junior player is defeated by the Japanese junior player in the match, and the Chinese junior player is also returned to the provincial team from the national team. He abandons himself and meets the female coach Qiu Lian of the soldier world myth. From then on, he reverses the wind, fights more and more brave, and finally returns to the national team to defeat the old enemy Japanese junior player.The storyline of Chinese Ping Pong is also one of the most commonly used in movies, but the movie itself is buggy and has a very strong theme.In recent years, sports-themed movies have become more and more popular, especially those about world competitions, which have attracted the attention of numerous netizens. For example, the 2020 film “Champion” was a sensation on the Internet at that time.So Deng Superconducting’s film “Chinese ping Pong” itself is a strong theme, plus China’s ping pong itself is a myth, belongs to the pride of the people, so the attention of this film is very high.At the same time, casting is also very difficult. Many A-list actors dare not accept this movie for fear of acting badly and eventually becoming a joke.Ren Jialun, as we all know, was a table tennis player before acting, and later retired due to injury, but the foundation is definitely in.Some netizens reported that Deng Chao had also contacted Ren jialun privately, possibly asking ren to play the leading role in China Ping Pong.In fact, it is understandable that the first Karen was an athlete herself, and she has the ability to perform again. The second Karen’s acting is also no problem. Although she has not acted in a movie, it will add another surprise.Although, the old uncle also want to see film starring Ren Jialun, but possibility is not big, Ren Jialun after all how the TV plays play in hand, and now there are series the twilight heart about, we in this pass Ren Jialun everywhere to made a new film, may Ren Jialun also in hengdian, hard working, let elder brother take a rest.