For India, Pakistan’s J-10C is not to be feared, but the weapons it may carry

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China’s export of J-10C fighter jets to Pakistan was a hot topic some time ago.Recently, photos of J-10C fighter jets with Pakistani paint were leaked. According to the leaked photos, these J-10 fighter jets to be exported to Pakistan are very different from other batches. According to the US media, for India, the j-10C equipped by Pakistan is not terrible, but the weapons that these J-10C may carry are terrible.Both the US military website and Pakistan Defense Forum have exposed two J-10C fighter jets with Distinctive Pakistani livery, reported on January 16.From these photos, it can be seen that this batch of J-10C uses the domestic WS-10B taihang engine.This adumbrates, China “taihang” engine will realize military trade export for the first time.The PURCHASE of the J-10C by the PAF is naturally aimed at countering the threat posed by the Indian Air Force.As the most powerful military in South Asia, India’s air power is not to be underestimated. They have not only equipped excellent fighter jets from Russia, but also bought the famous Rafale fighter jets from France at a huge cost.This puts the Pakistan Air Force, which is already at a disadvantage, into an absolute disadvantage.Without the introduction of a new generation of fighter jets, future airspace along the border with Pakistan will be in India’s hands, which Pakistan clearly does not want to see.That makes it imperative for Pakistan to continue developing a fighter capable of competing with the Rafale.The J-10C was thus on the shortlist for the Pakistan Air Force.As a friendly partner of China, the Pakistan Air Force is well aware of the j-10C’s capabilities, and since they have long been using jF-17 and have some experience in operating Chinese fighters, the J-10C is the best choice for the improvement of the Pakistan Air Force.Will j-10C help Pakistan against India?Equipped with the Taihang engine, the J-10C has excellent agility and maneuverability.Moreover, according to the US media, Pakistan’s deployment of J-10C fighters is not scary to India, and they are very concerned about whether Pakistan has adopted PL-15 air-to-air missiles.In the eyes of the US media, the J-10C equipped with THE PL-15 is the most feared fighter. With its own active phased array radar system, the J-10C is capable of extremely strong over-the-horizon combat capability, which can suppress most of the Indian Air Force’s fighter jets.It is worth noting that the US media also suspected that the J-10C purchased by Pakistan might be capable of launching nuclear cruise missiles, which is definitely not good news for India.Perhaps because of his absolute confidence in the J-10C’s performance, Pakistan’s Home minister, S.M. Ahmad, declared that the Chinese fighters were far superior to the Rafale purchased by India.In short, rafale and J-10C in the end who is stronger, perhaps only out of the real battle to have a final verdict, but one can be sure that the right one is the best.The J-10C is probably the best fighter for Pakistan, but which is the best fighter for India may still be unclear to Indians themselves.(shape)