The 5th Qinghai Province Quality Award application officially started

2022-06-16 0 By

The Chinese quality network To comprehensively carry out “quality strong province” strategy implementation, according to the qinghai province people’s government on printing quality prize in qinghai province measures for the administration of notice requirements, the provincial market supervision bureau adhere to service “four” construction as the goal, to salt lake chemical industry, clean energy, green organic livestock products, such as ecological tourism industry as the key point, on February 14,The fifth Qinghai Quality Award was launched.Qinghai Quality Award is the highest honor granted to relevant organizations and individuals in the field of quality management by the People’s Government of Qinghai Province with the approval of the Central Government. The award is divided into Qinghai Quality Award and Qinghai Quality Award nomination Award, and the selection cycle is 2 years.In order to give full play to the leading role of commendations and awards, approved by the National Coordination group of evaluation, standards and commendations, the number of commendations for Qinghai Quality Award has increased from 3 to 9 organizations and individuals, and the number of nominations for Qinghai Quality Award has increased from 3 to 10 organizations and individuals.Reporting organizations and individuals may report to the local municipal and state-level market supervision departments, or to the social organizations and administrative organs entrusted by the Market Supervision Administration of Qinghai Province.Declaration of the program is divided into voluntary reporting, the material submitted, the review recommends three parts, declare organizations or individuals will declaration materials submitted to the relevant institutions, filing agency for filing materials audit checks, submitted to the provincial quality prize after there is no objection on the publish to the society review recognition committee office, by the provincial quality awards &appraisal honor committee office to start the program, to carry out the inspection work.Next, the provincial quality awards &appraisal recognition committee office will strictly abide by the program, based on the principle of fair and open, motivate a group of outstanding achievements in the quality of work in qinghai province, the quality of development has made outstanding contributions to organizations or individuals, focus on promoting scientific quality management system, model and method, promote the quality management innovation,Spread advanced quality concept and quality values, and actively explore to cultivate a number of advanced quality management enterprises in education, medical care, finance and other service fields, encourage and guide the province’s various industries to constantly improve quality and efficiency.(Contributed by: Qinghai Market Supervision Bureau)