Pingshun County Magistrate Liu Linsong and retired veterans, lonely elderly people “sympathies party and grace to celebrate the festival”

2022-06-16 0 By

On February 5, Pingshun County Party committee deputy secretary, county magistrate Liu Linsong came to Deheng Renhou nursing home, and retired veterans, lonely old people “sympathizingparty grace to spend the holiday”.Zhang Hongbo, deputy head of the county government, attended the meeting.During the festival, deheng Renhou Nursing home is warm and warm. More than 100 elderly people live a happy life under the care of the staff.Liu Linsong went to the elderly to learn about their diet, daily life, physical condition and rehabilitation. They sat around chatting, talking about the New Year and watching the theatrical performances of the county troupe to celebrate the Spring Festival.Liu Linsong said that in the past year, in accordance with the working ideas of consolidating the “three foundations” and promoting the “four development”, the county’s high-quality transformation and development started strongly and achieved remarkable results, and the livelihood undertakings such as medical care and education made great progress.Now that we have caught up with the good times and lived a good life, we should appreciate the kindness of the Party, cherish the present, live an optimistic life, take care of our health, give full play to our advantages, tell good stories and continue to contribute to the smooth development.Liu repeatedly told the staff to take good care of the elderly’s daily life, epidemic prevention, safety and public health, so that they can be supported, enjoyed and enjoy their old age.All sectors of society should pay more attention to the elderly and devote more energy to the cause of providing for the aged, so that every elderly person can live a happy life in their later years.Relevant departments should take the east wind of national development of pension industry, rely on smooth and good ecological advantages, plan ahead, vigorously develop pension health industry, benefit more old people.