Tomorrow, starring Kim Hee-sun, No Woon and Lee Soo-hyeok, set a record for MBC viewers

2022-06-15 0 By

Before the Korean TV trailer just out, it is very looking forward to this by Kim Hee-sun, Road cloud, Lee Soo Hyuk starring Korean TV drama “tomorrow”, especially as long as there is Kim Hee-sun play, xiaobian will pay special attention to it.Yesterday, “Tomorrow” premiered, and within one episode, it surpassed the ratings of the TV series at the same time, creating the best ratings for MBC once again.In “Tomorrow”, the underworld messenger takes the opposite path and becomes the savior of mankind, saving those who want to kill themselves through various efforts. The character setting is innovative.In addition, such dramas, also is in the side actually reflect reality, in the face of all sorts of frustrated not chengyi, life stress psychological pressure, there will be a moment of collapse, insist on not bottom go to, but couldn’t solve the problem, suicide, live to have the opportunity to find a way, also have a lot of education significance. 02. Kim hee-sun surprise show viewing appeal again makeup look.Kim hee-sun appearance levels and acting, no doubt, starting in the 90 s is the goddess of the south Korean national, now 45 years old appearance level still online, no see no weakness on his face.) although not particularly prominent in the field of film scores, but television is absolutely a elder sister, once as long as it is Kim’s drama, is absolutely ratings guarantee.This time, Kim hee-sun showed her ratings power again, and she looked amazing in the show. With her short pink hair, neat clothes, and cool expression, she added an emotional touch to the somewhat dark character.SF9 members golden clouds and Li Zhu hz is the appearance of the show bear level, but the acting also online. Li Zhu Hector, as always, the continuation of the cold style, golden clouds and Yin Zhiwen plays the role of the more lively. Three actors can cover the different ages and different styles of the audience. Three cartoons too meet, especially Li Zhu hz, so cool.Friends who like the actors recommend this play catch up.