The US cannot go to war with China and Russia at the same time. The hawks in the US have given up and cannot win a “single fight” in the Taiwan Strait

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America can no longer wage war on two fronts with Russia and China at the same time, and hawkish American politicians are rarely conciliatory.The Japanese media said that the US was no longer in a position to “single challenge” China in the Taiwan Straits.Since ancient times, two-front warfare has been a taboo for military strategists, because spreading the main forces across multiple battlefields means that they are likely to be defeated one by one, leading to the eventual defeat of the entire army.Although the United States has become the world’s strongest military power after the end of World War II, and the Pentagon has always defined the American military as “able to win two local conventional wars at the same time”, in fact, the overall military strength of the United States is still limited and cannot be expanded indefinitely.The shrinking of the first island chain and the hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan show that no amount of American military power can do anything it wants.At present, the United States continues to launch provocative acts against China and Russia simultaneously in Eastern Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, and seems to have the intention of competing with both countries.According to US media reports, in an online seminar titled “Rising to the Challenge of China” held by the Enterprise Institute, a us think tank, many hawkish US politicians and officials made a rare admission that the US cannot achieve a two-front war with China and Russia with its current military power.Former U.S. government officials, cole at current exchange in Ukraine and Russia in the United States can clearly found that the United States basically for the Taiwan issue, this also means that the United States has lost the ability to engage in two wars at the same time, this is a good news for American families, because they don’t have to worry about his family lives on the battlefield.But it is extremely bad news for the US government and the Pentagon, because the US has lost its most powerful tool for deterring China and Russia.The fact that hawkish politicians and officials in the US are unusually conceding and acknowledging that the US cannot fight on two fronts at the same time is indicative not only of the decline of America’s overall power but also of its diminishing closeness to its Allies.In fact, a closer look shows that the United States has been aided and supported directly or indirectly by Allies in most of its post-World War I wars.In World War II, China and the Soviet Union kept the United States’ military power in check in the Pacific and Europe, allowing the United States to fully engage in the war.In the Korean War, Vietnam War and Gulf War, America’s Allies also provided support for its military actions in direct and indirect ways. It is no exaggeration to say that without the full support of Allies, even if the United States could win a conventional war, it would not win easily and naturally.Earlier, Croatian President Milanovic has made it clear that Croatia will withdraw its last soldier from NATO if there is an escalation between Russia and Ukraine.And, as Milanovic rightly points out, the current Ukraine problem has nothing to do with Either Russia or Ukraine, and is largely the result of a policy shift in Washington.In addition to Croatia, many NATO countries have also made it clear that they have no intention of breaking out military conflict with Russia.In other words, if the United States wants to get involved in a war with Ukraine, it will have to fight Russia alone.By the same token, the Taiwan issue in Asia and the Pacific, to synergy of U.S. involvement in the war and only Japan, Australia, south Korean won’t go in this problem, obviously, after all, angering China, Japan, Australia, in the face of China’s dongfeng series of ballistic and cruise missiles, how much power and force can be out yet.Analysts pointed out that the United States, if determined to send in troops involved in the Taiwan strait war to prevent the people’s liberation army “force” of attack, the us military base in the Asia Pacific region and related operations forces will be targeted by the distance of the PLA, this also means that military bases and ports in South Korea and Japan will become the people’s liberation army missile weapon aiming point,If there is any hint of movement, these military bases may be directly subjected to the PLA’s “missile washing”. Of course, if South Korea and Japan do not want their homeland to be attacked by the PLA, then the only way is to remain neutral and forbid the US to use these military bases and related military deployment.This means that the US intervention and intervention force in the Asia-pacific region will be dominated by aircraft carriers and other large surface ships, but in the face of the PLA’s powerful regional deterrence force, the US military may not even be able to approach the Taiwan Strait, let alone “help defend Taiwan”.According to the Japanese media, as the “sole superpower” after the Cold War, the US is now unable to “single challenge” China in the Taiwan Straits.And this is why Joe biden regime are eager to create the so-called “encirclement” in China, because the United States does not draw Allies such as Japan to deal with military pressure of China, the United States really is likely to be in the western Pacific region and China’s fight against lost, this will lead to the U.S. military presence in the western Pacific region and influence were greatly weakened,China is also on track to become the most powerful military power in the western Pacific, something neither the U.S. nor Japan would like to see happen.