How long can Steve Nash hold on to his job after eight straight losses, an NBA record, and a second-best defense?

2022-06-15 0 By

After a 20-point loss to Denver, the Nets continued their slide to seventh place in the Eastern Conference with a 29-24 record.With the loss, the Nets lost their eighth straight game.Remarkably, the eight-game losing streak is the longest in existence in the NBA.The second longest existing losing streak behind the Nets is the 11th-ranked Blazers, who have lost five in a row.Even more troubling for the Nets, their performance during an eight-game losing streak was almost nothing.The Nets’ offensive rating (points per 100 possessions) during their eight-game losing streak is 108.4, 22nd in the league.Defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) was 120.2, 29th and second to last in the league.In those eight games, the Nets have lost by 11.9 points per game, giving up 117.4 points per game.When the offense isn’t playing as well as the defense, it makes sense that the Nets will lose.Nets of losing streak is apparently not just durant and harden sidelined because of defense thin pieces and superstar’s absence, after all, there is no direct relationship between, more is the player’s defense on execution control and willpower, and coach, whether offensive, have strong firepower, and is directly related to the existence of the superstar.One loss after another, coupled with harden’s trade rumors, made the Nets distracted.As the team’s head coach, Steve Nash, although repeatedly praised the team’s performance, but as a coach, he is lack of control to the team is the fact that when a championship team devoted huge work so badly, the management also is expected to his patience, just like with James, Davis and Wisconsin before the lakers for vogel brooke.Nash was actually a surprise when he became the New head coach of the Nets last season, as he had no coaching experience, but he eventually led the team to the semifinals, and the Nets would have made it to the Finals, or even the championship, if not for irving’s injury.But with the Nets playing so poorly this season, it was inevitable that the team would lose patience with Nash.Perhaps the Nets’ decision on Nash will come after Durant returns for some games.If the Nets are still this bad, Nash’s position won’t be secure because no team wants to spend a lot of money just to watch the team mess up.