Those sunny days

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Recently, a few days of overcast and rainy weather, really let me enjoy a relaxed in the summer season, there is a touch of loss in the mood.On weekdays, I feel used to the warmth of the sun, used to see the hot sun hanging high.The sudden rain, let the world in the intermittent rain lack of sunshine.Somehow, there seemed to be some lonely loss and unspeakable longing in my heart.I wonder if there is a necessary connection between scenery and thought?Think about it, everything in the world, nature and philosophy are actually connected in one vein.Yin and Yang harmony, more like our mood ups and downs.If there are a few days of depression, must want to have the mood of happiness to relieve.In fact, with things, and people, but not contrary to the truth.Today, the weather is still cloudy.Looking at the huge rain screen outside the window, a little wet, clean dust, but let the heart of the tide tide desire.Standing in front of the window, from the window seam into the breath of rain, more let me full of endless desire for sunshine.The hope in my heart, with its longing for sunshine, reminds me of those sunny days.Sunny days are leisurely!Sunlight through the leaves, scattered shadows, flashing, full of metal luster and dream color.One dark and one bright, the dazzling stage of light, bright and thorough also simple transparent.In the open space, the sun is more active.Large patches of light jump on the ground, the ground get hot, jump at the same time and reflect the formation of countless gold and silver lines return to the sky, suddenly became a silk thread world.Perhaps, that is the bright brocade robe that braids for sunshine, bright bright not allow a gloomy thing to be mixed with, pure arrive acme.In the sun, everything is spiritual.The mountain has the sunshine, seems to be gold armor protection, more lofty towering;Water with the sun shining, soft as silk, the wind blowing, shimmering, brake is good-looking!Air and soil are not weak, fighting to send out a warm taste.It’s nice to have sunshine!If, on a sunny day to go on holiday.Under the trees by the lake, watching the rippling blue waves, fishing or boating on the lake, comfortable and happy, that must be able to enjoy the greatest pleasure brought by the sun.If, on such a day, you can enjoy the scenery, listen to the spring and see the waterfall, accompanied by the sun, a mountain, a stone, a water, a plant, a flower, will be refreshing.I was roused from my reverie just as I reached the sound.Outside, it was raining harder.In the face of rain, I look forward to the emergence of the sun, can let me less reverie, truly into the sun, but also drive out my depressed mood.Creation is not easy, praise is the intention, reward is encouragement.Part of this text and text from the network, here express sincere thanks, if there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.