There were 3+75 cases in Jiangsu and 4 cases in Nanjing

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On April 6 0 to 24, jiangsu native new confirmed cases of 3 cases (xuzhou in 1 case, 1 case of suzhou, zhenjiang in 1 case, both in the fixed-point hospital isolation treatment), the new local asymptomatic infection in 75 cases (4 cases of nanjing, xuzhou in 2 cases, 25 cases of suzhou, nantong in 2 cases, 1 case in yancheng city, zhenjiang in 2 cases, 39 cases, suqianAll are under isolation and medical observation in designated hospitals).Three newly discharged patients (all from mainland China) and 33 asymptomatic patients (29 from mainland China and four from overseas) were released from quarantine.At present, 69 confirmed cases, including 68 from mainland China and 1 from overseas, have been quarantined in designated hospitals, and 602 asymptomatic cases, including 587 from mainland China and 15 from overseas, have been quarantined for medical observation.Since January 22, 2020, a total of 2,060 confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported in The province, including 220 imported cases.On the afternoon of April 6, nanjing Municipal Health Commission reported the latest progress of the epidemic in the city.On June 6, four novel coronavirus initial test positive cases were found in a centralized isolation point in Our city. All of them were returnees from Shanghai Makeshift hospitals.The four positive patients arrived at the construction site in Pudong New Area of Shanghai at around 18:30 on March 29. After the construction work, they returned to Ning by bus at around 20:00 on April 4 and were quarantined at the centralized isolation point.On the morning of April 6, the four people tested positive for nucleic acid and were transferred to a designated hospital by a special vehicle for isolation and medical observation.At present, relevant prevention and control measures are being carried out in an orderly manner.Since April 6, nanjing has been a low-risk area.However, the Municipal Health Commission reminded: “low risk” does not mean no risk, prevention and control should not be careless.In recent years, the epidemic situation in China has been characterized by a wide range of epidemics, the interweaving of large-scale and sporadic epidemics, and the frequent occurrence of spillovers and secondary outbreaks. The epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex.Nanjing is under great pressure to prevent imports and rebound at home. If it slackens, its hard-won achievements will be wasted.The Municipal Health Commission called on all localities, departments, units and individuals to continue to strictly consolidate the “four-party responsibility”, joint prevention and control, mass prevention and treatment, and make every effort to build a solid “iron wall” of epidemic prevention and control.In view of the recent occurrence of COVID-19 in China, the general public is requested to minimize cross-city travel, and those who do need to travel should avoid affected areas.Units that need to go to epidemy-affected areas for epidemic prevention work should report to their local areas in a timely manner, and they should strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention regulations for those who come to and return to Ningxia.Once again, I remind you to take personal precautions.Source: Health Jiangsu, Nanjing Published editor: Shi Hongyan