“Sheng on Logistics Cup” theme of “We are in the same boat to overcome the epidemic” article 15: Let you blossom forever author: Yun Xiang

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The flowers to open red, pink, white mountain field bunds Green peach blossom Occasionally float do not know “tiger pick up a few pieces of human is the most beautiful April day Stop the pace of the spring breeze together Effective prevention and control in the fall season of apricot flowers Peach son dispersed branches outbreak Fruitful xu you I blossom because there is love warm because of youShengan keeps pace with The Times, develops and innovates — all the staff of Shengan Logistics Group co., Ltd. are marching forward to be a first-class logistics enterprise with a new spirit.We will strive to build an intelligent transportation system integrating “Internet + big data + cloud computing + network freight + all-round logistics and automotive aftermarket services.The developed network freight and automotive aftermarket system platform is divided into driver end and cargo main end.Provide transportation, shipping, car buying, car selling, ETC services, preferential tires, appointment maintenance, appointment annual audit, cargo insurance, preferential refueling, car rental services, vehicle navigation, cooperation and sharing, fault rescue, substitute recruitment, safety online, lawyer online, safety training and other functions and services.(II) Auto cargo owner APP: Provide effective management and control of a number of businesses, such as transport capacity, logistics transactions, resources, bills, taxes, risks and controls, to realize complete upstream and downstream business chains, ensure fine operation management and efficient business operation.Smart connection, integrity and safety, wealth channel, win-win future.Pingyi County Writers’ Association, Shandong Sheng ‘an Logistics Co., LTD. “Sheng ‘an Logistics Cup”, “We are all in the same boat to overcome ‘Epidemic'” theme of article 15 Pingyi County Writers’ Association shandong Sheng ‘an Logistics Co., LTD.Pingyi County Writers Association email address: pyxzjxhzw@163.com (this email address is the only one for submission. Other email addresses are invalid.)The duration of this essay contest is from March 20, 2022 to 24:00 May 16, 2022, subject to the email time.Editor in chief: Jiang Xiaobin applied to join the Writers association of Pingyi County