Using new technology to carry out online monitoring of cooking fume in catering industry

2022-06-12 0 By

In recent years, with the increase of the city and people get along more and more often, promoting the rapid development of the catering industry, the immediate pollution of the catering industry lampblack has also become a hot spot of the network report of various urban residents.Soot particle size is spread in the middle of 0.1-10μm, with small particle size, good adhesion and other characteristics, resulting in a large amount of soot pollution, wide range, low altitude flight diffusion is strong on the body damage is relatively large.Scientific research has long confirmed that lampblack is rich in many pollutants, and refrigeration in the air will combine into PM2.5, improving the concentration of pollutants in local areas.Air pollution caused by lampblack exhaust has long become one of the key pollution sources of urban environmental air, and also become a key disagreement between group enterprises., therefore, the restaurant industry lampblack pollution into the melee of rights and interests of the people is the hot topic of environmental protection, is also a difficult problem in the urban environment and safety management, and strict controls of soot pollution, the catering industry is the basic construction of a natural environment and social development, economic development to share development, make the main countermeasures of building a harmonious society.However, there are many problems in manipulating lampblack pollution in catering industry: the total number of lampblack pollution sources in cities is huge and dispersed, which makes it difficult to control and control;Human resource management is insufficient in the complicated work of ecological environment protection undertaken by national environmental protection departments.Basic methods and equipment are not sufficient.Therefore, the use of new technology to carry out the catering industry lampblack online detection is needed in the market.With the development trend of the continuous progress of new technology and the high attention to environmental pollution, a variety of detection software systems are gradually developed and put into the market, greatly promoting the level of environmental protection.And many detection systems cover the use of new technology of online detection system software fume.The key meaning of the construction of the catering industry lampblack concentration in line monitoring system is reflected in the following aspects: is conducive to promoting the application of new technology of ecological environmental protection in the ecological environmental protection industry product research and development, marketing promotion and application;It is helpful to strengthen the reasonable control of lampblack pollution in urban catering industry.It is conducive to the city and state environmental protection departments to reasonably exercise their job responsibilities, improve the control range of natural environment and improve the satisfaction rate of the people;It is conducive to creating a good city brand image, improving the taste of the city, expanding opening up, improving the quality of life of the masses and other fields played a positive role in promoting.China’s development is a project to improve people’s wellbeing. We should heed wise advice on people’s happiness and offer concrete measures to ensure their physical and mental health.The catering industry lampblack pollution prevention is included in the environmental protection pollution source control, the full implementation of lampblack concentration and lampblack regulation equipment to carry out control and detection, reasonable improvement of the natural environment to improve the air quality index, in order to win air pollution prevention and control, create fresh gas to boost.