Folktale: the bricklayer asked for his wages, twice humiliated by the rich merchant, he quietly carved two words on the tile

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It is said that after zhou Ping got the little book of The art of Kanyu which was given to him by his old wife, he read it carefully in his spare time and gained a lot.One day, a rich merchant in a neighboring county, Master Feng, asked him to put tiles on the roof of the house.Before departure, a good Samaritan advised him, said Feng master is known for stinginess, often do foolish-minded things, this live can not be connected.Zhou Ping smiled brightly. “It doesn’t matter. If you don’t pay me, he’ll feel terrible.”Early the next morning, Zhou Ping arrived at feng’s house.A moment later, Zhou Ping’s eyes lit up and he couldn’t help feeling that this rich family was just different. Looking around, there were exquisite pavilions, terraces and pavilions. A few empty Spaces were properly planted with flowers and plants, which gave off fragrant smells.The largest of these houses was Feng’s house.Dozens of steps to the left is a small but elegant house, zhou Ping to do the work is to build tiles for this house.This covers the tile may have the great exquisite, the ancients say: “the house adds the tile, the family is defeated.”This means that if you put tiles on your house without permission, it may bring bad luck or even ruin your family.In ancient times, there was no such mature and perfect mechanical knowledge as now, and the roof tiles would change the mechanical structure of the original house. A slight accident in stormy weather may lead to the collapse of the house, with light property losses and heavy casualties.So, although the above statement is an exaggeration, it also shows the importance of the roof tiles.When Zhou Ping arrived, he first paid his respects to his master feng, then walked around and looked at the structure of the house. He calculated in his heart and said that if everything went well, it would be finished in a few days.Feng did not nod after hearing, after the completion of the day, he ordered his servant to Zhou Ping end to a bowl of steamed bread.Zhou Ping wondered, this master feng really pulled to the extreme, even let himself eat cold steamed bread.Gaiwa is physical work, Zhou Ping’s stomach already rumbling with hunger, he hesitated or picked up a cold steamed bread to eat.Halfway through the meal, a big black dog sprang out of the room.The big black dog was very fierce and barked at Master Feng.Master Feng did not speak, but winked at the servant.Soon the servant brought a bowl of cold steamed bread and threw it to big Black Dog.Zhou Ping felt very uncomfortable when he saw this. The steamed bread that should have belonged to big Black Dog was given to him. No one would feel comfortable.In the following days, Zhou Ping ate steamed bread every day.On the fifth day, Zhou Ping finally could not bear it. He went to Feng and said he wanted to eat hot food or he had no energy to do anything.Zhou Ping had no hope at all, but Feng said yes.However, Zhou Ping noticed that there was a slight smile on his lips.Zhou Ping was very hungry and immediately swallowed without thinking.To the completion of the day, originally agreed to be two two silver money, the results of feng master cold hum, said he these days are free to eat white drink, at most give one or two silver.Zhou Ping was angry and wanted to ask for an explanation. Just as the words were on his lips, the big black dog that he had seen a few days before rushed out and barked at him.Zhou Ping was so angry that he had to accept the money.When he walked out of Feng’s house a few steps, the big black dog seemed to regard him as a prey and pounced on him with great ferocity. Zhou Ping could not stand steadily, and the silver fell to the ground and was carried away by the big black dog.”Master Feng, what do you mean?”Zhou Ping asked angrily.Feng master spread his hand, said helpless, double eyes in the smile ceaseless.Zhou Ping wanted to get back a penny or two, but after looking at the big black dog, he had to give up.The next day, Zhou Ping found Feng master said the roof tiles also need maintenance, this time do not pay.Feng master a listen not to pay, immediately smile not to reduce ground promise way.Zhou Ping climbed up to the roof, took one of the tiles in his hand, carved two Chinese characters “crazy” with a knife, one large and one small, and then left with a mysterious smile.Early the next morning, master Feng’s big black dog went berserk and began to bite at the Feng family, almost turning the feng family upside down.As soon as the big, mad black dog was subdued, Master Feng, normally healthy, suddenly grinned like a three-year-old, sputtering all over the floor, unable to speak.Feng master son Feng Shan invited the doctor also to no avail, the doctor can not find the cause.At this time, Feng Shan usually do business outside seldom go home, he asked the housekeeper recently can have what strange things happen.Housekeeper hesitated, zhou Ping to build tile, beg for money by Feng master humiliation to say once again.Feng Shan understood immediately and immediately sent someone to take twelve lines of silver politely invited Zhou Ping to come over.Zhou Ping, of course, did not admit it, but also urged Zhou Ping to go to the city to ask a doctor.This Feng Shan is also seen the world, is still pretty good, see Zhou Ping refused to help, took out 10 two lines of silver handed over, but also bosom assurance, said they feng family will never do foolish-minded things.Zhou Ping nodded with satisfaction and said he would try it himself.Pretending to be very serious, Zhou Ping looked at Feng and said that there was a special ancestral recipe to cure this madness. Then he took out two pills and asked him to give one to Big Black Dog and one to Feng.Hearing this, the people around couldn’t help laughing.Feng Shan took it carefully and followed Zhou Ping’s instructions.That night, Zhou Ping quietly threw away the two engraved tiles.Sure enough, the next day the big black dog stopped barking and Feng returned to normal.Feng learned that his son took out 10 two lines of silver after the cure, almost gas vomits blood, but then he is afraid of the bricklayer, for fear of his hand again, finally honest a lot, also no longer do foolproof things.The story finished.This story also tells people, usually to do more good, do not foolishly, otherwise in the end will only shoot their own feet.