Why Does Zhejiang Longquan, a famous historical and cultural city, glow with new vitality?

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Editor’s Note: Every Chinese who works hard in life is the most beautiful striver.It is because of hundreds of millions of people who have strived that Today’s China has come into being.Ten years, salute every struggle of you.Together, let us ring and work hard to usher in a new era, committing ourselves to the future.Lishui, April 8, China News NetworkLongquan, Zhejiang province, named for its sword and porcelain, is a famous historical and cultural city in China.At present, Longquan is concentrating on the “comprehensive revival of sword and porcelain capital · strive to create quality Longquan”.How to integrate cultural advantage with social economy development?How to build a new engine for cultural and tourism integration?How to improve the popularity of the town?We may be able to understand Longquan from the celadon of Longquan.The dragon kiln built against the mountain is shaped like a dragon.In the wood-burning era, longquan celadon products were all fired in dragon kilns.In September 2009, the traditional firing technique of Longquan celadon was included in UNESCO’s Representative list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which is the only ceramic project in the world.This honor gives Longquan celadon more responsibility, that is, to protect and continue the traditional firing techniques of Longquan celadon.”There are a total of nine dragon kilns in Baoxi, Longquan. Most of them were built during the Republic of China, while some were built in the Qing Dynasty.Later replaced by gas kilns, the ancient dragon kilns gradually withdrew from the practical production field.In recent years, these dragon kilns have become the treasure of our village, which is rare in China.”Zeng Zhihua, chief party secretary of Xitou Village, Baoxi Township, Longquan City, said that the Long kiln witnessed the inheritance and glory of Longquan celadon over the past hundred years.In recent years, Longquan city has made use of these ancient dragon kiln resources in Xitou Village, Baoxi Township, and explored a characteristic way to promote cultural and tourism integration by carrying out about 20 activities of “eternal kiln fire — Traditional Dragon kiln firing of Longquan celadon” every year.Zhejiang Longquan natural scenery Zhang Yougang photo “kiln!””I like the cry of kiln workers’ opening kiln ‘most. When I see kiln workers moving out the sagger with finished products quickly and carefully taking out pieces of soft and jade celadon, I can’t help feeling the celadon, just like touching a piece of history, I feel very excited.”Mr. Ye, a tourist from Wenzhou, said he especially loved the dragon kiln works and came from Wenzhou several times to attend the kiln opening ceremony.Walking in the streets of Xitou Village, Baoxi Township, Longquan City, celadon elements in farmhouse music can be seen everywhere.Without a “permanent kiln fire” or a celadon or two to accompany the hand ceremony, there is always something missing, which is the common feeling of many visitors to Xitou Village.This small mountain village 62 kilometers away from the downtown of Longquan has become a popular place for longquan celadon artists.Many masters who make celadon in the outside come back to the village to make celadon, which also attracts customers of these masters and many tourists.Gradually, the remote village became busy.”We planned a series of special activities such as’ eternal kiln fire ‘ignition, dragon kiln opening, on-site sales, etc., to integrate the porcelain culture layer by layer into each activity link.”Zhang Xi, the president of longquan Celadon Traditional Dragon kiln Firing Technology Research Association and the master of Chinese art and art industry, said that dragon kiln carries China’s porcelain making culture for thousands of years and is a key cultural relic to be protected. The “immortal kiln fire” symbolizes the passing of longquan celadon from generation to generation and constantly radiates new vitality.The year 2022 is the fifth year of the “Never Extinguish Kiln Fire” activity, and more than 100 dragon kiln firing skills activities have been held locally.At present, “Not quench kiln Fire” began to explore the song elements of Longquan celadon with the help of Gulong kiln culture.”The firing of gulong celadon reached its peak in the Southern Song Dynasty, and the celadons we make now are all shaped and patterned with the characteristics of Song Celadon.”Zhang Xi said that the artisans of Longquan celadon in Baoxi are now spreading the song culture in their own ways, so that the charm of Gulong kiln in song dynasty can explore a new way for the common prosperity of baoxi.The small mountain village has become popular, attracting more young people to return to the village to set up farmhouse music, b&B.Now, Xitou village farmhouse music b&B has 24, 300 beds, 3000 seats.Jin Chaojun, who has made building materials and invested in hotels, has been out of business for many years and experienced shopping malls. At the age of 40, he resolutely chose to return to Xitou Village for a second time to start his own business — to transform the old house, guard the century-old Ancient dragon kiln of Baoxi, and become a b&B shopkeeper.”Dragon kiln firing is an unprecedented celadon cultural Renaissance for baoxi: the production of ancient dragon kiln is resumed, discarded bowls are inlaid and decorated on walls and roads, and the old factory building is transformed into a celadon museum…Cultural memories have been recreated and painted in every corner of our village.”Jin chaojun said that the promotion of rural revitalization is only part of the income increase, but more importantly, the IP of “never extinguish kiln fire” has improved the cultural awareness and cultural confidence of all villagers.Baoxi village takes advantage of this opportunity to guide villagers to develop characteristic homestand, star tent base, water cart music bar and other industries, create a “white + black” tourism consumption model, successfully build Xitou Village into the core area of national 4A level tourism scenic spot, and selected into the second batch of demonstration cultural tourism IP in Zhejiang Province.”With the development of rural tourism, some villagers engaged in farmhouse entertainment and b&B in Xitou village have enjoyed the benefits, but some villagers have not enjoyed the development dividend.”Zhi-hua zeng said, in May 2021, creek, head of the village collective investment established for the shareholders of a company by 2145 villagers of village tourism development co., LTD., taking the path of market-oriented, the introduction of professional teams, joint management of the village of star tent hotels, international bamboo building, gulong kiln township, village two levels of operational assets, as well as treasure creek national 4 a level scenic spots,Let all the villagers build the village, common prosperity.Now, online celebrity anchors have also come to Baoxi.”Never Quench the Kiln fire” — Chen Xianming’s special show attracted 13 Internet celebrity anchors, opened up 3 online live broadcast rooms, and the online pre-sale amount of the day was more than 50,000 yuan.Zhang Xi said that in the future, they will strengthen the exchange and cooperation with celadon colleges and universities, and carry out the research tour of “Never extinguish kiln fire”.As Xitou village rose to fame, several neighboring villages, which also owned Gulong Kiln, also came to learn from it and formed the village alliance of “Eternal Kiln Fire”, which launched a series of peripheral products and tourist routes.Since 2021, Baoxi township has attracted 200,000 tourists and earned more than 30 million yuan, among which thousands of foreign friends have come to Baoxi.Longquan is rich in tourism resources, in addition to celadon culture, there are “sword ancestor” Euyezi sword casting place, the world’s artificial cultivation of mushroom birthplace, the first township of Ganoderma lucidum in China, the township of Black fungus in China, etc.How should cultural and tourism integration move from “superposition” to “qualitative change”?Longquan sword exhibition Fan Yubin perturbation In longquan, “xiao mi spring prefecture culture” “mountain, cultural tourism festival” “dragon make yuanxiao AnRen board” and other series of rural culture and roaming activities held more than 180 field for nearly 10 years, actively create “taoyuan zhang” rock “bamboo possessors amorous feelings” “porcelain source xiaomei” brand “cool longnan” and so on characteristics, improve rural sentiment;With the resources of Lao Longquan Porcelain Factory, promote the construction and operation of Celadon town in China;For three consecutive years, the “Top of the South” sky Cross country competition was held, the “Longquan Lunjian” Martial arts Competition of Yangtze River Delta was held, the new way of “rural revitalization” promoted by “sports and tourism integration” was explored, and the “Cross-country Town of China” was built…The reporter learned that the 15th Party Congress of Longquan city proposed to promote the establishment of zhejiang-level Longquan celadon cultural heritage ecological protection zone, and strive to create a 5A scenic city in Zhejiang Province.With double recruitment and double introduction and project construction as the starting point, Longquan will build a “leading + stars” around the overall tourism pattern.The future of this national historical and cultural city is being integrated with history and culture to build a city of humanistic quality.Source: Chinanews.com