To facilitate the development of socialized agricultural services, a training class on uav plant protection and flight defense technology was held in Taishan

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From February 23 to 25, the uav Plant Protection and flight Protection Technology Training Course (phase 1, 2022) was held in Taishan city, Jiangmen city, sponsored by Guangdong Modern Agricultural Service Alliance (Guangdong Association of Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives) (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) and organized by Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials Co., LTD.Alliance (federation) 50 representatives of agricultural service organization member units attended.A training class on uav plant protection and flight defense technology was held.In the training class of the Alliance (provided by the Alliance), Ding Yanping, the third-level researcher of the Rural Cooperative Economic Guidance Department of The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of Guangdong Province, gave a report on the Interpretation of agricultural Production Trusteeship Service Policy, introducing in detail the effective practices of promoting agricultural production trusteeship in guangdong province, and the value and significance of agricultural production trusteeship.And put forward the agricultural production trusteeship in 2022 guidance and suggestions.In view of the current situation of entrusted agricultural production in our province, the training class arranged the standardized operation of the unified control governing organization, the professional prevention and control of rice pests and diseases and risk control, the scientific and safe use of pesticide spraying by plant protection drones, and the sharing of technical solutions for the whole process of rice planting and classic cases of social services.Experts from guangdong Agricultural Pest Early Warning and Control Center and leaders of leading agricultural service organizations communicated with the trainees in depth and provided professional guidance.Over the vast fields, the plant protection UAV flies into the air under the skilled remote control of the pilot, spraying pesticides into fine mist evenly to the fields.In the field teaching session, the group carried out the demonstration teaching of the plant protection UAV flight defense operation, and introduced the key points and matters for attention of the flight defense operation. The students eagerly asked questions, and the interactive atmosphere was warm.On-site teaching.”This study, not only lectured experts vivid classroom interpretation, but also on-site teaching practice to learn uav flying skills, theory combined with practice, let me find new things and benefit a lot.”Wu Ruoting, member of the council of the Union, yangchun Farmer cooperative Service Center, has deep feelings about this study.The students said that they would continue to be eager to learn and apply what they have learned in order to turn their learning achievements into a driving force for the development of guangdong’s agricultural modernization.A training class on uav plant protection and flight defense technology was held.The relevant person in charge of the alliance (Federation) said that the training course aims to fully implement the spirit of the central No. 1 document of 2022, promote the technological progress of uav plant protection and flight defense in Our province, and improve the ability and level of crop mechanization disease and insect pest control and natural disaster emergency prevention and control.The Alliance will also continue to hold a series of production trusteeship training and exchange activities to help the high-quality development of agricultural production trusteeship services in Guangdong Province.Wu Siyi Wen Hao south rural newspaper south +