Hangzhou New Year’s Day hefang Street pedestrian street

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Today is the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, Start of Spring.It was also the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. I was in Hangzhou for the Chinese New Year holiday and had no place to play, so I walked to hangzhou Hefang Street pedestrian street alone, because the house we rented was only a few minutes’ walk away from the pedestrian street.The pedestrian street is bustling, because it is a holiday, so the pedestrian street is much more than usual.The first thing I saw when I came to the pedestrian street was this building with adobe and round things that I couldn’t name.I think this is the symbol of hefang Street pedestrian street. I don’t know when it was built. I can tell from the things on it that it can’t be very recent, there are POTS and pans, bottles and branches.These are all symbols of a time.Some people don’t know hu Qingyu Hall, but those who know modern history will know hu Xueyan, a red-roofed merchant. This is hu Qingyu Hall built by Hu Xueyan.Created in 1874, the statue of the general is not known to be the hero of the hero, which is not specified here.There are three words on it, “Pavilion of loyalty and righteousness.” Look at him, full of dignity and righteousness.This is the famous Zhujiangnan copper house in China. There are copper works everywhere in the house.People come from far and wide to play here.The most influential pedestrian street is Hu Qingyu Tang, because Hu Xueyan in the modern history of China, is a famous person, many people used to him as a red-top merchant title.Hu Xueyan was born in troubled times, but he was gifted with originality from childhood, combined with his integrity.Step by step, he accumulated wealth and created this Huqing Yu Tang.Hu Qingyu Tang won the reputation of “Jiangnan Medicine King” and formed its own traditional Chinese medicine culture.The traditional Chinese medicine culture of Hu Qing Yu Tang includes a lot of management ideas, pharmaceutical techniques and so on. The store instruction “Avoid cheating” written by Hu Xueyan is the core of The traditional Chinese medicine culture of Hu Qing Yu Tang.