Hui Yinghong beauty is true high-key, embroidery perspective gauze skirt is elegant and expensive, see charm is much sufficient

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# fashion institute club # 16 (age is not a problem as long as wear fashionable enough, such as for age look great on women by wearing can show different performance, the growth of dress design completely covering the length of the leg at the same time, although is long skirt but it can be sexy gauze to highlight under dress sexy figure.And you can also use dark blue flowers as a dress to show the charm of the female side, so if you want to make a fine understanding of the mysterious dress, go to see wai Yinghong’s dress collocation.The skirt outfit that hui Yinghong outshines others wears beauty of hui Yinghong to get true high profile, embroidery clairiness gauze skirt is elegant expensive gas, see charm is much sufficient.The United States of hui Ying hong is met below the ornament of skirt outfit is containing fashionable high-key feeling, the long paragraph that decorates its skirt outfit to drag the ground goes where.But it accentuated the hot figure with sheer gauze and sexy deep ‘V ‘, and also decorated the dress with embroidered material and dark blue flowers to form a pattern on the dress.Especially in the dark blue set off will also highlight the dignified and noble effect.First of all, the sleeves, hem and waist of the skirt are matched with cotton thin gauze, such material especially with dark black will make the female charm of the skirt add a lot, even if it is an old woman can also highlight the young face.And thin thin muslin or with not quite neat layer layer stacking with the shape of drooping flowers to undertake to decorate, remove sexy muslin quality of a material skirt is still carrying the atmosphere highlighted.In its gauze inside with pure black other interior to highlight the feeling of atmosphere.First, the tone of the dress was subdued, with dark blue on the front, after the usual dark black of tulle.Floral patterns in deep blue and embroidered textures give the dress a graceful effect.And the design between the waist is designed more sexy, the bottom of the waist is to use the tulle that can see sexy waist to highlight a good figure.It is the design that the deep red decorative pattern that is containing shallow green branch to adorn rises with on gauze more, red rose and gauze collocation are indomable sex appeal is presented together.And even under a sexy dress as big as tulle there are all sorts of exaggerated designs, such as pulling the neckline too far down to make an otherwise dull dress look sexy.At the same time the choice of modelling is more extraordinary, it is still short modelling but through the design of short French waves and styling spray to show the modelling only important occasions will choose extremely fluffy modelling, such exaggerated modelling will instantly make exquisite wear become conspicuous.Wai yinghong, 61, has a good figure and is not tacky enough to wear a see-through tulle dress, showing the temperament of a strong woman.I have to say that 61-year-old Wai yinghong’s figure is really enviable, still choose with a sexy degree of black tulle texture.It is to highlight the atmosphere temperament that this age place has with pure black on gauze only, and still use dark blue embroidery to serve as ornament on its.The class that the sexy gauze between the waist and the adornment of bright red rose can let skirt outfit rises instantly extremely much, although had withdrawn but the temperament that is female strong person as before however.The skirt is black as a whole but magically presents several colors. First of all, a brief look at the skirt is completely a long skirt design with conservative style.However, because the sleeves and the bottom half of the skirt are embellished with perspective and retro patterns, the upper and lower parts of the skirt are completely in two colors, with pure black in the middle and white simple black on both sides.And a high black neckline with pointy jewelry all in tiny pearls.The length of the dress is designed with a feminine charm. The upper part of the dress is a conservative dress with long sleeves with a slight slit, but the lower part is designed with a tight version and the lower part of the skirt is full of draping.And the color of its skirt is doing fancy decoration, in highlighting the basis of the glamour of deep purple with deep pink or big money deep red flowers to serve as an ornament.Pair it with a short look that just touches the collarbone and a Burgundy heel with a bow tie effect to make this age group’s dominance come into full play.The collocation of gorgeous skirt outfit designs its skirt outfit to contain bright-coloured style but it is the female temperament that conforms to this age group as before however, the advocate color of skirt outfit is to contain the light cyan of small blue, can let whole body skin qualitative appear to contain the state of fair.At the same time, it also uses red or orange flowers reflecting the elegant style to show the lively style, and the upper part of the dress is to use sexy wrapped body as a good figure, while the lower part is to use delicate pleats to highlight loose but also appears to have characteristics.And know that pairing such a light dress with a nice pair of flat red slippers will instantly elevate the outfit to more of an advantage.By summarizing the dressing skills, the length of skirt can be kept in a constant conservative state to highlight the sophisticated temperament.However, dress colors can be used in light cyan with a bluish effect to show off a sense of vivacity, so learn to wear something unique and difficult.