CCTV5 live: Su Yiming and Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the Winter Olympic Games

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Su Yiming and Gu Ailing won the gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. The Chinese curling men’s and women’s teams competed on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 Beijing Time.The China Media Group released today’s latest programs for sports Channel (CCTV5), Sports Event Channel (CCTV5+), Olympic Channel (CCTV16) and CCTV Sports Client (CCTV5APP).The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the focus of today’s CCTV sports live broadcast on all major platforms.February 15 at 9 am, CCTV sports channel CCTV5 live Beijing Winter Olympics – daily watch.Xu Mengtao, a veteran of four dynasties, won the fifth gold medal for The Chinese sports delegation in women’s freestyle skiing aerials final.At 9.30am, CCTV5 will broadcast the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final live.Gu Ailing is going for her second gold medal.At 11:05 am, CCTV5 will broadcast live rolling news with the latest winter Olympics news.At 13pm, CCTV5 broadcast the men’s snowboard platform final live, China’s young su Yiming went all out to win the gold medal.At 14.30pm, CCTV5 will broadcast the semi-finals and final of the women’s team pursuit speed skating in sequence.At 15.45pm, CCTV5 live shows freestyle skiing women’s aerials qualification.19pm, live finals.China’s Xu Mengtao, Kong Fanyu and Shao Qi will challenge for the championship.At 17.30 PM, CCTV5 broadcasts live sports news.Guangdong men’s basketball team and Liaoning Basketball team have been divided into Shunde and Shenyang respectively in the third phase of the 2021-2022 CBA regular season.China’s national women’s basketball team trounced France, the third-place team in Tokyo, Japan, to win all three matches in the women’s Basketball World Cup qualifying tournament.At 18:00, CCTV5 will broadcast the short program of women’s figure skating singles. Zhu Yi, the young figure skater who caused controversy due to her fall, will compete.At 18:47 PM, CCTV5 live broadcast men’s freestyle skiing aerials qualification competition, the Chinese athletes are Jia Zongyang, Qi Guangpu, Sun Jiaxu and Wang Xindi.At 22:25 PM, CCTV5 will broadcast the fourth round of men’s double bobsleigh with Sun Kaizhi and Li Chunjian of China.At 22:40 PM, CCTV5 live sports World – Panorama winter Olympics.CCTV sports client CCTV5APP is broadcasting Live Serie A matches in the wee hours of the morning.At 19 PM, CCTV5APP broadcast the shougang platform light show.20pm, CCTV5APP live broadcast “Members please answer” : enjoy the snow and ice season.CCTV’s Olympic Channel (CCTV16) will broadcast the women’s snowboard platform final live at 9:30 a.m., with China’s Rong Ge competing.At 11 a.m., CCTV16 broadcast the women’s downhill in alpine skiing. Kong Fanying competed on behalf of China.At 12:10 p.m., CCTV5 broadcasts the men’s ice hockey rematch between Germany and Slovakia.At 14.30pm, the men’s 4×7.5km biathlon relay will be broadcast live on CCTV16.At 16pm, CCTV16 will broadcast the Nordic combined men’s platform live.At 18.30 PM, CCTV16 live Nordic combined men’s cross-country skiing 10km.The curling men’s round-robin match between China and Canada was broadcast live on CCTV Sports Event Channel (CCTV5+) at 9 am.China vs Norway live at 20:05 PM.The Chinese men’s curling team of Xu Jingtao, Wang Zhiyu, Zou Qiang, Ma Xiuyue and Jiang Dongxu finished 2-4 and ranked seventh in group.At 14:05 PM, CCTV5+ live broadcast curling women’s round-robin match between China and Russia.Zhang Lijun, Dong Ziqi, Wang Rui, Han Yu and Jiang Xindi have a 2-4 record on the Chinese women’s curling team, ranking eighth in their group.