Yanbian toward the hospital “Chinese medicine on behalf of tea drinking square” to teach you how to drink Chinese medicine

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Recently, the hand-held Yanbian client reported that Yanbian Chaobi Hospital gave full play to the advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine (TCM), carefully prepared and boiled COVID-19 TCM preventive substitute tea, for free drinking by hospital medical staff, patients and the general public.After the news was reported, it caused a strong response. Many citizens asked what traditional Chinese medicine ingredients were in the traditional Chinese medicine preventive tea drink?Who is suitable for it?For this, March 29, the reporter interviewed Yanbian toward the hospital encephalopathy department, rehabilitation department director Li Chengnan.According to Li Chengnan, hospital COVID – 19 Chinese medicine to prevent generation of tea is according to the jilin province COVID – 19 control scheme of traditional Chinese medicine “, “promoting COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group office further standardize to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control the china-north Korea medicine intervention notice requirements, USES the china-dprk medical intervention recommendation, the preventive medicine yinpian prescription of Korea and ChinaTo atractylodes atractylodes, tangerine peel, prepared glycyrrhiza, Magnolia officinalis, forsythia, ginger, jujube and other seven Chinese herbal medicine decocted.”This tea has the effect of dehumidifying and invigorating the spleen, clearing heat and detoxifying. It is suitable for the majority of people with low immunity, but patients with basic diseases or special constitutions need to use more or less under the guidance of professional TCM.”Li Chengnan reminds.During the home-based epidemic prevention and control period, Li advised people to maintain a positive and healthy attitude, scientific epidemic prevention, and ease panic.Go out need to wear masks, wash hands frequently, gather less, home to more ventilation;To a reasonable diet, it is best to do some tai Chi, eight duan Jin and other sports to promote qi and blood movement, improve disease prevention ability.Yanbian Morning Post Reporter Liu Ruifei Source: Yanbian Morning Post Editor: Li Ying Yanbian Morning Post All rights reserved.