Network China festival | Hebei Airlines: Spring Festival road, warm heart road

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Hebei News (Hebei Daily reporter Gong Xianyun correspondent Wang Jie) Approaching the Spring Festival, drifting people are rushing home to reunite with their families.On the way home during the Spring Festival travel rush, passengers encountered troubles and troubles. Hebei Airlines actively helped solve them and wrote a heart-warming story with sincere service.”Is that Hebei Airlines?I have something very urgent and I need your help.”A few days ago, a middle-aged man with anxious dial hebei air hotline.It turned out that Mr. Li, who was working in Shijiazhuang, had decided not to return home for the Spring Festival because of the epidemic. However, his parents in guangxi province, who had not seen their son for more than two years, insisted on coming for the reunion.However, his parents, who are nearly 70 years old and cannot read or speak Mandarin, have never traveled far. Li was worried that his parents would get lost at the airport after getting off the plane, so he called Hebei Airlines to ask for help.After understanding this situation, customer service staff Guo Wenyu patiently pacify Mr. Li’s mood, immediately contact the ground support staff to formulate a plan.After the plane landed, the ground staff of Hebei Airlines, who had been waiting in the terminal building in advance, picked up the two old men and led them all the way to Mr. Li’s side.Due to the particularity of their work, Mr. Zhao and his wife are on business in Yunnan all the year round, so they cannot go back to Shijiazhuang for the Spring Festival this year.They miss their daughter at home very much, and their parents are too old to send their children to Yunnan.How do I get my 5-year-old daughter to board the plane safely?Hebei Airlines VIP travel secretary Wang Chongjie learned of this situation, for Mr. Zhao’s daughter to apply for “unaccompanied children” special service guarantee.A journey has an end.During the Spring Festival travel rush, Hebei Airlines strengthened epidemic prevention and control, safe operation and service guarantee, launched convenient and preferential products, and provided convenient air travel services for the vast number of returning passengers.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.