A change of wind?ASML shipped us the lithography machine and said it was just the beginning

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Lithography machine is of great importance to the chip industry.The evil Old United States, relying on leading technology, strictly blockages China’s technology and equipment, resulting in the development of semiconductor enterprises such as SMIC blocked, Huawei is mercilessly blocked, heavy losses.But the photolithography thing is getting better!At the end of last year, ASML renewed its contract with SMIC to supply more than a dozen DUV lithography machines to SMIC this year.And in many people’s opinion, the beginning of a large supply of DUV lithography machine is just the beginning. In the future, it is expected to sell EUV lithography machine to domestic enterprises just like the free shipment of DUV lithography machine.So why is this just the beginning, and why does ASML want to sell EUV to our country?Some time ago, ASML said that by 2025, the global use rate of EUV lithography will increase to 60%, and shipments will increase.In the past few years, the total number of EUV lithography machines shipped was only over 100. In the next two years, the number of EUV lithography machines shipped will reach 115, indicating that the supply will be sufficient.Although demand for EUV lithography machines is in short supply and manufacturers such as Samsung and TSMC are ordering large quantities, it is difficult for them to absorb such a large number of devices alone.Supplying a certain amount of equipment to China in the future may be the purpose of a significant increase in capacity, after all, they have always wanted to export equipment to the Chinese market.Some people may wonder, does the increase in production mean that China can buy it?Will America agree to sell?The answer is yes!Technology is constantly updated. The introduction of equipment using new technology means that old technology and old equipment are no longer important. This is the law of the market, and mastering the most advanced technology is the key.When EUV lithography machine will be widely used, DUV lithography machine can be freely shipped. It can be seen that the free export of DUV lithography machine is not only because China is about to conquer the relevant technology, but also because the technology is no longer advanced.The United States knows that outdated technology cannot stop our country from advancing. It is the most advanced technology and equipment that gives it an advantage.Asml has handed over the latest generation OF NA EUV lithography machines to TSMC and other manufacturers for testing. As long as the testing goes well, the installation will be officially delivered next year and mass supply will be realized within two years.As soon as the next generation NA EUV lithography machine is put into use, it will replace EUV lithography machine as the only restricted export equipment of ASML.The possibility of free export of EUV lithography machine will be great.Coincidence on the timing shows that ASML is already preparing for the subsequent shipment, so early layout also shows its sense of urgency to domestic shipment!The Chinese market has been in short supply of EUV lithography machines. Asml earns huge profits every year by monopolizing the global market.But its growth has faltered, with sales rising last year and margins falling less than expected.The lack of A Chinese market has affected its development.In order to win the Chinese market, it has been constantly courting the Chinese market. On the one hand, it began to ship DUV lithography machines to China, and on the other hand, it continued to build maintenance centers in China to increase its share in the domestic market.China’s huge domestic market is the existence of its extreme demand, will be the key to its stable development in the future.Asml has been preparing for the export of its equipment to China for a long time, not only because of the lifting of the export ban due to new technology, but also because of the panic caused by the development of domestic lithography machine industry.With the outbreak of chip crisis, coupled with the strong intervention of the United States, China is forced to embark on the road of self-development.Although starting late, but the speed of development is not slow.At present, Shanghai Microelectronics has been preparing to launch 28 nm lithography machine, and actively cooperate with relevant domestic enterprises to develop EUV lithography machine.With the continuous accumulation of technology, relevant parts and components continue to make breakthroughs, the successful development of domestic EUV lithography machine will only be a time.As Asml put it, China will develop its own lithography machine within a few years if it continues to block the export of related equipment.In order to ensure their market share and suppress the development of domestic related industries, as soon as possible a large number of export lithography machine is the best way.So asML’s growing courtship of the Chinese market is also self-serving.In conclusion, China still needs related lithography equipment for production in the short term. Asml’s large-scale export of DUV lithography machines to SMIC is just the beginning. With the promotion and application of new equipment, EUV lithography machines may also be freely shipped in the near future.Although this is good news for Our country, once we have EUV lithography machine, advanced chip production and manufacturing will no longer be a problem, but it is not their own to buy, the use of other people’s technology will be stuck in the neck, only take the road to make domestic lithography machine is the hard truth!ASML says it will ship more lithographs. Why?Shipping DUV lithography machine is just the beginning, what is ASML planning?