“Thirty Years of agitating salute nanchong people” large-scale theme activity started

2022-06-06 0 By

On January 25th, the large-scale theme activity of “thirty years of agitators to pay tribute to Nanchong people” was officially launched in Nanchong.”I am looking for the city memory of ‘charming Fruit City’ in Sangong Street of Shunqing” “I am looking for the most poetic life in golden river bank of Jialing” “I am feeling the silk wind and silk charm of thousands of years in Liuhe Silk Expo Park of Nanchong” “I am looking for the most beautiful urban scenery in Shili Binjiang Park in the south”…On the afternoon of January 25th, under the guidance of Sichuan Daily Press Group and the Propaganda Department of nanchong Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, sponsored by cover news, West China Metropolis Daily and supported by lancheng Nanchong Peach and Li Spring Breeze project, the large-scale theme activity of “inspiring the people of Nanchong for 30 years” was officially launched.At the launch ceremony, the launch publicity video shot jointly by the media center of 9 counties (cities and districts) in Nanchong made the guests’ eyes shine and keep praising.In the following thematic interview activities, we will look for the most stirring nanchong story.Looking at the whole area of Nanchong, these stories are scattered in each district and county.Xie Chen, the host of Rong Media Center, Shunqing District, Nanchong city, is looking for the urban memory of “charming Fruit City” and telling the most vivid story of Shunqing in the newly unveiled Sangong Street of Nanchong City.Before the permanent site of Xichong Asia Organic Summit, Zhao Muer, the host of Xichong Rong Media Center, invited everyone to taste organic food, taste organic life, taste organic culture, and tell the most ecological and organic story of Xichong.Langzhong Ancient City, Langzhong City Rong Media Center anchor Zheng Ruyue, dressed in the “Red Spring Festival” Han dress, invited us to look for the different flavor of Chinese New Year in the hometown of Chinese Spring Festival culture.He Xingxian, the host of Nanbu Rong Media Center, walked in the southern Shili Binjiang Park, looking for the most beautiful urban scenery and telling the moving story of the water-loving south.”I am in Nanchong Liuhe Silk Expo Park, feeling the charm of silk wind and silk inherited for thousands of years.”MAO Xin, the host of Rong Media Center in Gaoping District, Nanchong City, started a story of silk Road exploration under the warm winter sun.Guo Linna, host of Jialing District Rong Media Center in Nanchong city, leads you to find the most poetic life and meet the most touching stories of Jialing in the golden river bank.Liu Liming, the host of Yilong County Rong Media Center, led everyone to feel the profound cultural heritage of the three townships in yilong County Cultural Activity Center, telling the story of Yilong revitalization of the old revolutionary base area.”There’s a lot of history here, a lot of legends.”Li Tingting, the host of Peng an Rong Media Center, tells the most romantic story of Peng an in Xiangru Ancient City, which will be opened in 2021.He Hongwen, host of Yingshan Rong Media Center, “Looking forward to meeting you” at Yingshan Olympic Sports Center.Next, the large-scale theme interview activity of “30 Years of Agitation to Pay tribute to Nanchong People” will be conducted in 9 counties (cities and districts) of Nanchong to tell the story of 30 years of agitation in Nanchong and pay tribute to every practical Nanchong people.