How to avoid eating leftovers during the Spring Festival?”Love Life Warm Spring”

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Chinese New Year, chicken, duck and fish on a big table, insist on a year do not eat leftovers to break?Take a look at this tip from Zhao Chao, a nutritionist at Punan Hospital.↓1 There are as many kinds of dishes as possible. Large plates are used to arrange traditional dishes, such as chicken, duck, fish and fish. The key point is that each dish is piled high.Doctor Zhao Chao suggested that we should change the way of thinking, with more varieties and less weight, and a big and beautiful plate, which looks like a big table full of rich dishes.To match the ratio, dietitians recommend: 1 plate of hard (meat) dish with 2-3 plates of meat and vegetable stir-fry or vegetarian dishes.In order to control the total calories, many people choose not to eat staple food, just eat vegetables.”As a nutritionist, my advice is to eat a certain amount of whole grains, beans and tubers every day,” zhao said.Festivals can choose some beans, potatoes to replace rice noodles, dishes on the table can finally come to a “grain abundance”, yam, purple potato, sweet potato, taro, corn and so on, according to the number of each 1 to 2, OK.The benefits of roughage are great. Besides rich minerals and B vitamins, dietary fiber can also help intestinal peristalsis and accelerate metabolism.There is a popular joke that “no bag of sugar oranges can stay overnight”.This joke applies to every handy fruit.A nutritionist will seriously tell you that a cherry is about 10g, a crispy kumquat is about 30g, a sugar orange is about 40g, a medium apple is about 250g…Fruit intake of 200 to 350 grams a day, this math problem is left to everyone 7 days to check it out!Big fruits should be eaten separately.4 melon seeds that is fat bomb all kinds of nuts to relatives and friends of the party extra points, mouth chatter to get high, hand peeling shell, imperceptibly eat a lot of, cause heat intake too much.The recommended intake of about 10 grams per day is appropriate (nuts), excessive intake, should pay attention to control the total energy intake of three meals a day.If you accidentally eat a bitter nut, spit it out and gargle with water.Choose the nut with original taste as far as possible, the nut after processing covered up the taste of itself, redundant sugar salt also is burden.This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: