Yangxin: No more than 10 people at a family dinner party

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From 00:00 to 24:00 on January 9, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 97 new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases (60 in Henan province, including 24 in Zhengzhou, 21 in Xuchang and 15 in Anyang city).There were 21 cases in Tianjin, all in southern Tianjin;There were 15 cases in Shaanxi province, all in Xi ‘an;1 case in Guangdong, shenzhen).There were 2 new asymptomatic domestic cases (both in Tianjin Southern District).As the Spring Festival is approaching, the increasing mobility of people and gathering activities will bring more risks and challenges to the epidemic prevention and control work in Our county.In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, the following notices are issued: 1. Residents are urged to stay in the sun when it is not necessary to celebrate the festival. Residents are advised not to go to prefecture-level cities in medium-and high-risk areas if it is not necessary, and travel to counties (cities, districts and banners) in medium-and high-risk areas is strictly restricted.Personnel in high risk positions such as fever clinic, nucleic acid test and direct contact with imported cold chain should avoid traveling as far as possible. If necessary, they should leave their posts for more than 14 days and hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, and report to their work units.2. Strictly control personnel gathering. If it is not necessary to hold personnel gathering activities, strictly control the number of personnel.Meetings and activities should be held online or by video.We will strictly implement the primary responsibility of the host party, and take regular measures to prevent and control the epidemic. Prevention and control plans should be formulated for events with more than 50 participants.The trans-regional meeting with more than 100 people shall be reported to the municipal headquarters for approval.No more than 10 people are recommended for weddings, funerals and banquets.Individuals hosting banquets with more than 5 tables by themselves should report to their community (village) in advance and cooperate with the implementation of prevention and control measures.3. People in counties (cities, districts and banners) in high-risk areas should not come to Yang, and people in other counties (cities, districts and banners) in prefecty-level cities should not come to Yang unless necessary.People in prefecture-level cities and high-risk posts who have local epidemic cases within 14 days should report to their communities (villages), work units or hotels in advance, and voluntarily cooperate with the implementation of nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, isolation and observation and other health management measures.Schools and enterprises should make reasonable arrangements for holidays and resumption of work and school, and guide personnel to go back to their hometown and return to their posts at different peaks.Colleges and universities or enterprises with a large number of migrant workers may require teachers, students and employees or migrant workers to return to school or work with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Communities (village residents) should do a good job in tracking and grid management of people returning from epidems-related areas and high-risk posts, and strictly implement prevention and control measures.Hotels, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, pension welfare institutions and other indoor business venues should strictly implement temperature measurement, wear masks, check health codes and travel cards, cleaning and disinfection, and other prevention and control measures.Entertainment venues and catering units should implement the requirements of “limiting traffic, booking and off-peak” and strictly control the reception ceiling.Pharmacies should continue to register the sale of “four categories” of medicines, including antipyretic, cough suppressant, antibiotic and antiviral drugs, and report to local headquarters immediately if any suspicious symptoms such as fever are found.6. Strengthen epidemic prevention and control in medical institutions. The system of pre-examination and triage and first-visit responsibility shall be strictly implemented to strengthen prevention and control of hospital infection.All patients in the fever clinic were kept under closed-loop management, and the test results were fed back within 4 to 6 hours.Strict escort and visitation management, designated hospitals do not visit, no escort.Non-designated hospital ward is strictly prohibited to visit, not must not accompany, really need to accompany, to fixed escort personnel.7. Strengthen personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control. Abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, take strict measures for personal protection, wear masks, maintain safe social distancing, pay attention to personal hygiene, and pay close attention to your own health.Eligible people should be vaccinated against COVID-19 in a timely and active manner.People with fever and health code yellow should fulfill their personal protection responsibilities, actively cooperate with health monitoring and nucleic acid testing, and do not travel until the risk of infection is eliminated.Yangxin Center for Disease Control and Prevention 2022-01-10