Us to Ban wechat again?On February 18, the Chinese Foreign Ministry came straight to the point

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Us to Ban wechat again?On February 18, the Chinese Foreign Ministry came straight to the point.February 18, according to the Chinese foreign ministry official website news, in the foreign ministry regular press conference held in the day, there are American reporters’ questions: the U.S. trade representative said in a statement, the United States to China communications platform WeChat “WeChat electricity ecology” and “global speed sell tong” included in counterfeit or copyright infringement list “notorious markets”.What is the Foreign Ministry’s comment on this?Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said he would refer your question to competent authorities.I want to stress that China has always attached great importance to IPR protection and its achievements in recent years are there for all to see.I would like to share with you some facts.In 2021, 110,000 invention patents were granted by foreign applicants in China, up 23 percent year on year.194,000 trademarks were registered, up 5.2% year on year.Patent authorization and trademark registration of US inventions in China increased by 32.1 percent and 17.3 percent year-on-year respectively.The rapid growth of foreign IP in China shows that foreign enterprises have firm confidence in China’s IPR protection and business environment.Wang wenbin pointed out that China always supports Chinese enterprises in carrying out relevant cooperation with other countries in accordance with market principles and local laws and regulations.We urge the us side to stop politicizing economic and trade issues, a comprehensive, objective and fair evaluation of Chinese enterprises in intellectual property protection efforts and results, for the two countries enterprises on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and mutual respect collaboration to build open, fair, fair and non-discriminatory business environment, to promote the healthy and stable development of sino-us economic and trade relations.As previously reported by the media, the Biden administration lifted the wechat ban in June 2021 after the USWUA said on October 25, 2021 that it had filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s ban and won a court victory.After that, USWUA’s legal team tried again, demanding compensation from the US government and paying the financial price for its previous absurd mistake.After months of negotiations, USWUA reached an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice in which the U.S. government agreed to reimburse USWUA for attorneys’ fees totaling $900,000.