Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot: more than 60 scenic buses are running on the front line of fighting the epidemic

2022-06-05 0 By

Lianyungang, March 14 (CNS) — Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Lianyungang city on March 5, the Lianyungang Huaguo Mountain Scenic Spot Tourism Company has fully cooperated with the city’s fight against the epidemic, and quickly set up a “support” convoy to provide transportation guarantee for the anti-epidemic work in The city.The mission of the team is to transport sub-contact personnel, transport medical staff to the community to carry out nucleic acid testing, transport medical protective materials, etc. Since they received the task, they started to work all day long, the bus with the LOGO of “Flower and Fruit Mountain Scenic Spot” shuttled around every corner of the Port City, becoming a unique scenery of the city.After receiving the order, huaguoshan scenic spot immediately gathered more than 60 buses, “iron soldiers” ready to go, they do not pay, no conditions, fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.No matter day or night, huaguoshan scenic area will be arranged at any time.Because the work has been isolated comrades in the isolation point still do not forget the epidemic prevention and control front line, they are responsible for coordinating the dispatch of vehicles, vehicle disinfection, for the driver to make protective isolation cloth……They take shifts off and work behind the scenes.”Dear Dad, you are a bus driver. Because the epidemic is raging, you resolutely put yourself on the front line of epidemic prevention and control and become a volunteer…”Yang Su is a member of this group of “iron soldiers”, this message is his son just sent to him in the morning, Yang Su then forwarded to their work group, everyone was clever obedient boy meng moved, with the child’s encouragement, we are more full of energy.Her name is “sister bus”, her colleagues usually call her so, no one may remember her name is Shi Mingyan, because “sister bus” address we will feel more cordial.She is the flower flower mountain view area epidemic support team only a woman, she took the initiative to assume the risk of the largest, the most important task, fighting for 7 days and nights but never mentioned a tired word.(Liu Dong, Zhang Bo)