Conistoga College 3D Computer Animation program introduction

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Computer Animation has rapidly developed into a key technical major in the Animation industry. It can produce animations for film, TELEVISION, mobile games and online applications.Students must actively engage in all aspects of the animation process and understand the rules related to animation steps.The technology professional students can in a recent computer configuration of hardware and software (mobile) for learning training, course content key shape the students ability of traditional design, drawing, narrative skills and the three dimensional animation making professional skills and the ability to build character, through this learning training practice,University graduates may attach their own works to their personal works.✦ language expression regulation ✔ ielts score of 6.5 or above and single items of projects as not less than 6.0 ✔ ✔ toefl ibt test 88 points or more Australian Academic English exam (CAEL) and more than 70 points, and each single item not less than 60 points ✔ Pearson Academic English test (PTE Academic), 58 minutes and above ✔ kang yuan level 6 English testStudents whose foreign language level is lower than the entry standard but who have met the other entry standard will be given the language expression course content.After completing the General Arts and Science Level 4 – English Expressive Science (ELS) course content, the average score is 80%, and no less than 75% of the students in each subject are qualified to apply for the Master’s Qualification certificate and return to the professional course training.The ELS program is based on an internal English test, TOEFL or IELTS score.Strategies for Employment College graduates can work in every field related to animation, from an interior designer or animator to an engineering project manager for a personal studio or animation business.This kind of work can be regional, national or even international.✦ professional ability ✔ a shooting script technique application of animation and interactive browsing design meet requirements in the manufacture of interactive content ✔ in animation making each link with friends and customers to develop effective communication ✔ were used to improve the visual effect of live-action animated cartoon making ✔ management method and visual effects for the new project plan, execute, and making,Right to select special visual effects of hardware devices and systems agreement analysis image and physics set,➤ In an intelligent way to re-establish the lighting effects, cameras, parts and objects to establish real images images to pair real scene shooting screen, according to the application of appropriate particles or animation effects and their characteristics of the basic theory of basic principles to recreate the weather phenomenon fusion 2D and 3D,Use software to convert images and live stocking stocking to establish custom special tools according to APP or script production, allowing the use of higher grade visual effects in elite teams in interdisciplinary visual effects to bring up collaboration according to the introduction of new projects, the use of animation in the process of making way,➤ The combination of environment, natural environment, role and target and other intelligent elements in animation new project electronic devices personal portfolio, key details of my imagination, animation professional skills and about 3D animation technical grasp of proficiency learn more