Anping Town held 2021 annual Party organization secretary to fulfill the responsibilities of grassroots Party building work assessment conference

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Loudi News (correspondent Yi Xiaoying) In order to further promote the quality and efficiency of grassroots Party building work, Anping Town of Lianyuan city held the assessment conference of 2021 Party organization secretary to fulfill the responsibilities of grassroots Party building work on the afternoon of February 25th.Leaders of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party committee attended the meeting, and Liu Ji, secretary of the Party Committee of Anping Town, presided over the meeting. More than 100 people attended the meeting, including all party and government leaders, secretaries of party organizations of all villages (communities) and heads and deputy heads of all departments.27 village (community), secretary of the party organization is 2021 grass-roots party construction in the reporting on activities, a comprehensive summary for party branch secretary of the party construction work and study on the history of the party education work, honesty and self-discipline and so on has carried on the report, analyzes the problems existing in the current work and gap, and puts forward the working train of thought of the next step and improvement measures.Leaders attending the meeting made comprehensive comments on party organization secretaries.Participants also conducted democratic assessments on party secretaries at the grassroots level in an anonymous manner.Meeting requirements, to the meeting as an opportunity to learn from each other, complement each other, seriously sum up experience, find their own problems and the insufficiency, refining the perfect corrective actions, innovative work ideas, emphasizing the organization construction, continue to increase the attraction and appeal of grass-roots party organization, organization, further compaction compaction to grasp party building main body responsibility,With the determination and courage to leave marks on stepping stones and scratches on iron, we will promote the orderly development of all our work.Editor in charge: Sheng Xianggui