Thumb up!Shui Qingxia did not bow before difficulties, to help women’s soccer girl build confidence ahead of the goal is to win

2022-06-04 0 By

Indeed, even in Asia, there is no guarantee that China’s women’s soccer team will be completely immune to surprises against underdogs.The level of the team, also dare not say that there must be a certain grasp of victory.But the best thing about the new women’s soccer team, led by Shui Qingxia, is that they have regained some confidence they once lost.Facing different opponents, also always find the whole team needs to establish that calm.This confidence and calm is in Chinese football is unable to establish a long period of time, in the women’s girl is used to stop like in a stamp in everyone’s heart, and ShuiQingXia as a member of the once of this team, now after her arrival water foot manager, finally and send it back to the women’s team.This is undoubtedly more happy than the Chinese women’s football team’s 3-1 victory over the Vietnamese women’s football team., as many fans friends analysis ShuiQingXia confident performance in special difficulties when the team, also is the other side of the 7 players use our China team’s mistake, first knock on the Chinese women’s team’s goal, ShuiQingXia didn’t so to break into a furious rage, or the wrong player what harsh criticism and complaints,But in the game when there is an unexpected goal, to tell everyone that anything can happen in football, even if behind do not have to be nervous.As long as we play according to our own techniques and tactics, we will get a good result in the end.The confidence the manager conveys to his players is actually more helpful sometimes than preaching or making a lot of technical and tactical demands.It also gives them a lift.In this kind of team atmosphere, it is easier for players who make mistakes to release themselves, find their own problems and prove that they can solve their problems with their performances on the court.And this ability to improve, is a team from a strong team to the top team must take a step.Of course, The confidence of Shui qingxia’s coach also comes from the fact that she does not immediately remove a player for a mistake on the court, but continues to give the player the opportunity to adjust herself on the court.In the audience and fans outside the criticism of Yang Lina, Shui Qingxia guidance also adhere to their own people do not doubt, people do not doubt the idea, with their own way to let Yang Lina and teammates together in the field to re-stabilize the mood, spelling out efficiency.When the coach makes such a confident move, in fact, the players on the field, the emotions of each other will also be infected, everyone instead found their own rhythm, but also found a way to score, and quickly equalized the score, and finally realized the 3-1 reversal.So, we saw wang Shuang’s play, Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali’s goals also come just right.To some extent, the Korean women’s football team fought for a victory in front of the powerful Australian women’s football team, which also shows that there are no surprises in the Asian Cup, but it is clear that the Chinese women’s football team has made enough difficult preparations to not let the upset happen to their own team.For the next match with The Japanese women’s football, Shui Qingxia guidance of the speech is also full of confidence.’We have our own strengths,’ she said.When we play each other, we just try to play to our advantage and enjoy the game.In the words of Shui Qingxia, I believe the result will not be bad.Yes, I believe the result will not be bad!With this confidence, the Chinese women’s football team, there is no reason in the old opponents face first do not believe in themselves?Low-key is a kind of wisdom, but confidence based on low-key is great wisdom.It is not a problem to keep a low posture, but to keep confident and prove the strength of the team with every minute and every second of the performance on the court, is a positive energy performance.The girls have used their solid performance to book their place in the World Cup by beating Vietnam.It also frees them from any mental and academic baggage.Here, let us wish coach Shui Qingxia and the girls of The Chinese Women’s football Team a happy New Year.At the same time, I wish the Chinese women’s football team, who are preparing for the semi-final against Japan, continue to move forward with confidence towards the Asian Cup final.