Slightly flawed!Gu Ailing first jump in the final temporarily ranked third commentary: increased difficulty

2022-06-04 0 By

Gu Ailing of China scores 69.90 points during the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games at Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, China, Feb. 15, 2018.Chinese snowboarder Wang Zhixun, a commentator on a video platform, said Gu’s routine in the final should be a little harder than her routine in yesterday’s heats. “She is a competitive athlete who can be motivated by competition pressure, so I hope she can perform,” he said.But Wang Zhixun stressed that the master had little to lose. “The brain must be aware of its movements all the time.It’s not just in this sport, it’s in a lot of extreme sports. Just do it the way you want to do it.”After the competition began, Wang Zhixun analyzed Gu Ailing’s movements, “The first group of props choose to slide forward, right turn 450, the completion degree is very high;Slide backwards on 270 and click.Jump a little bit further, no problem;The third set of props 630 strokes, no problem with backsliding.””The first platform reversed 900 degrees forward, very stable;Double CorK1080 is fine for the right turn, Double Cork900 is fine for the right turn on the last block.”Wang Zhixun said gu Ailing’s first jump on the second platform was difficult, “720 yesterday, 1080 today, this is very steady, very good.”He also pointed out that Gu was slightly flawed in the second set of props, “falling far behind, just clicked and came back.”