With outstanding innovation ability, love inventory won the 2021 Beijing top Ten business brand model innovation award

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Is known as “Beijing business academy” (17th) Beijing 2021 is officially revealed business brand, love inventory, box Ma Xian birth, carrefour, jimei furniture, Meituan, the city develop, xia xia feed motion, tea and other commercial brands, was awarded the “2021 Beijing 10 commercial brand competition – mode innovation award”.It is understood that the selection by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce guidance, Beijing Daily Newspaper Group and Beijing Federation of Commerce co-sponsored by the Beijing Business Newspaper.As the top ten business brand awards, this year is divided into “quality service Award”, “consumer experience award”, “model innovation award” three categories, a total of 35 enterprises won.According to the organizing committee of the event, the selection process is evaluated by industry experts, public voting and other links, after a strict evaluation process, including the establishment of brand library, excellent case registration, consumers and experts voting and other links, to ensure that the selection is open, fair and just.Industry benchmark enterprises are selected based on comprehensive consideration of the industry representativeness, balance and maturity of the participating enterprises.At present, icucun mainly provides one-stop solutions for traffic owners, including software and technology Service (SaaS), SupplyChain, Skill training and after-sales Service, helping them build online sales and operation platforms to achieve all-round empowerment for them.Low threshold shop, so that the transaction becomes simple, better service to consumers.Over the years, love inventory has helped 2 million store owners to start their own businesses and generate income. It has helped more than 10,000 brand owners to sell more than 400 million goods, paid nearly 5 billion commission for store owners and saved 5 billion for consumers.Love inventory is also continuing to play the model of innovation, the use of distribution e-commerce model to help industrial upgrading, provide flexible employment positions, with the largest energy to continue to innovate breakthroughs, actively participate in rural revitalization and other national strategies, promote common prosperity, in the field of distribution e-commerce to contribute their own strength to society.The award of the model innovation award, fully affirmed love inventory outstanding innovation strength and leading commercial landing ability.Ai Inventory will continue to innovate flexible employment model, Russia and Japan to promote the overall development of digital economy to contribute more.