The 650-year old Datong city wall, which cost 1 billion yuan to repair, was selected as a “towering town” in 4A.

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Datong, Shanxi has been the capital and capital of northern Shanxi since ancient times. It also served as the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty and the deputy capital of liao and Jin dynasties. It is known as “Three generations of Jinghua, the key town of the two dynasties”.As an ancient capital with a long history and splendid culture, datong has a large number of cultural relics and historic sites, among which the datong ancient City Wall located in the downtown area is a tourist attraction that should not be missed.It is recorded that datong had begun to build walls as early as when it was the capital of the Tuoba clan of the Northern Wei Dynasty, because it was once an ancient battlefield for the han nationality in the Central Plains to fight for the world with nomads in the north.The existing city wall was built by Xu Da, a General of the Ming Dynasty, in the fifth year of hongwu of the Ming Dynasty (1372 AD) on the basis of the old earth city of han, Wei, Tang, Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasties.Under xu Da’s careful planning and strict supervision, the construction of datong ancient city wall reached the most exquisite level in history.The whole wall is 14 meters high, 14 meters wide at the top, 18 meters wide at the bottom, 1.8 kilometers long from east to west, 1.82 kilometers long from north to south, roughly square, the total perimeter is 7.24 kilometers, the wall is made of “three mixed earth” rammed, surrounded by blue bricks, the inner city area of 3.45 square kilometers.”Datong city wall 15 li, three passes four corners twelve gates, four streets, eight lanes, seventy-two continuous lane, each lane has five temples”, this folk song is about the structure of datong ancient city.The existing ancient city wall has four main gates, which are heyang Gate, Yongtai Gate, Qingyuan Gate and Wuding Gate respectively in the southeast and northwest. In order to ensure convenient transportation, each main gate has two small gates, totaling 12 gates.In addition, the ancient City wall of Datong also has a series of military facilities, such as moat, suspension bridge, gate tower, arrow tower, watchtower, turret, military control platform, etc. Due to its strong and dangerous, tight defense and perfect facilities, it has played an important role in border defense, so it has always enjoyed the reputation of “northern key” and “rare towering sky town in history”.The poet Li Zhi visited Datong and said in his poem, “This city is really the same as the iron city!”In the east of the southern wall, there is also a watchtower – “wild goose tower”, which is only seen in the history of wall construction in China.The pagoda was built in 1624, about 17 meters high. The original name of the pagoda is Wenfeng Pagoda. It is called the “Wild goose Pagoda” by the folk because so many wild geese come here to roost in spring and summer.The stone tablets at the bottom of the tower are engraved with the names and achievements of the city’s emperors. Standing on the top of the tower, you can overlook the city and the suburbs, making it an important observation point during the war.For more than 600 years, the ancient city wall of Datong still stands tall after many vicissitudes of life, telling the former style of the border town of the Ming Dynasty.Datong people also have a special liking for the ancient city wall. On holidays, people, old and young, walk on the south or two steps and overlook the city wall, deeply feeling the vicissitudes of the ancient city of Datong.In 2008, Datong invested 1 billion yuan to carry out the protection project of the ancient city wall. After the restoration, the gate buildings are double-eaves and nine ridges of the mountain roof, surrounded by columns and adjacent to the horse road, among which the south gate (Yongtai Gate) gate tower is the most spectacular.Yongtai gate is the city gate, in fact, not only a tower, it is a wengcheng, moon city, east and west ear city and other ten towers composed of a group of comprehensive buildings, rich in connotation, complex structure.Rebuilt ancient city wall, the night view is even more beautiful.Every night, when the lights come on, the lights of the city towers on the city wall are lit up. Ancient buildings and modern lights constitute a unique beauty, making datong Ancient City more charming in the night.At present, datong ancient city wall is a free 4A level scenic spot, if you have the opportunity, you might as well come here to walk.