In the war against “epidemic”, color thinking

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Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.An outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in the main urban area of Huaihua.Is necessary on March 18th, huaihua city second people’s hospital of hospital actively responded to an appeal by the municipal party committee municipal government and the party committee at the hospital as a whole, quickly dispatched 28 members is necessary medical volunteers with area WeiJian bureau set up a rescue team, quick, quick, come to which city, crane township is responsible for the full mouth villagers nucleic acid acquisition work.Someone once asked me, do viruses have colors?I said, I don’t know, but I know that faith has color, her color is Called Chinese red.Someone once asked me, do you have any colors?I said yes, it was white.In 2020, WEARING such a gown, I rushed to the forefront of the fight against the epidemic without hesitation.Too late to say goodbye to parents and young children, they set foot on the road.In the isolation building, the contest with the virus, blood and sweat, let me understand the meaning of the red faith, it is at that time, I submitted the application for party membership, it carries a different meaning.In the spring of 2022, 27 colleagues and I rushed to the front line at the command of Huaihua.The suit was added again, and he still charged ahead without turning back.To move closer to Party organizations is to practice our original aspiration with concrete action.Even in the dead of night, I would toss and turn restlessly because of missing my family. Every night when I had a video with my daughter, she would always ask, “Mom, will you come back tomorrow? What about tomorrow? What about tomorrow?Every time I tried to endure it, I comforted her: “Wait, wait, wait, mother will come back.”Yes, children, mother does not want to go back to your side, but afraid of everyone sick, mother is wearing white soldiers, how can leave everyone, mother only protect everyone, to go back home to protect you.Although my road to study medicine is accidental, but once I choose to become a white soldier, the people’s life safety on the shoulder, to protect everyone’s peace has become a necessity.What color the virus is, I really don’t know, but under the red faith and the white robe, sooner or later the virus will be invisible and transparent.(Wei Jing)