“Tax warm” spring breeze blows the vitality of ice and snow sports industry along the river bank

2022-06-02 0 By

“In this year’s ski season, the number of customers for consulting, experience and lesson booking is particularly large. The increase in the number of customers is more than 30 percent every day, and sometimes nearly doubled in a single day.During peak periods such as holidays, the supply of two ski machines for 30 classes in one day is in short supply.”SKINOW Snow Mountain ski experience Store in Wuhan, Wang Hongbin, is to carry out tax guidance to the “tax small river” service team, introduced the recent business situation.Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, ice and snow sports continue to be popular, bringing ski experience and other market players “spring”.SKINOW Mountain Ski Experience, located on the 4th floor of One Side North Pavilion, is one of 150 chain stores across the country, specializing in indoor ski experience and outdoor ski resort instruction for children, teenagers and adults.”After winning the bid for the Winter Olympics, the country called for ice and snow sports to expand from south to West to East.I am very optimistic about the future of ice and snow sports and chose to open the first single-and-double-board teaching venue in Wuhan.”Talking about the experience of opening a ski resort in wuhan, the “furnace”, Wang hongbin was impressed by the “one-stop” service provided by the Jiangan Tax Bureau.After providing the “opening gift package” for new enterprises, “One-stop” tax service also continues to provide the whole life cycle service of “tax publicity + professional guidance + q&A + follow-up” to make the operation and management of market entities more standardized, and the policy enjoy can be based on the data and accounting table can be checked.The year of the tiger lunar New Year, lead the riverbank district revenue in 2022 for “wisdom, tax to help develop the steady growth of credit enterprise polity,” as the theme of “I for taxpayers JiaoFeiRen does the practical work and convenient tax spring breeze action”, through “send spring breeze, ask demand, promote the satisfaction” big tour activities, rapid response requirements, timely delivery policy, real time solve the problem,Let taxpayers pay the fee to experience the spring of the “tax warm”.After learning the recent business situation of SKINOW Snow Mountain ski experience Store in Wuhan, Jiangan District Tax Bureau took the initiative to docking and visiting enterprises, providing “point-to-point” personalized tax guidance, “whole link” professional tax services, “one-stop” integrated policy support, with a bit of long tax power to empower the development of snow and ice sports enterprises.”From the opening to now, fortunately, the tax department has been concerned about, not only considerate service, always answer questions, but also before and after the exemption of more than 40,000 yuan of taxes and fees.”It’s so important for small start-ups like us,” Mr. Wang said.In 2021, a total of 776 million yuan will be added to new tax and fee reductions and carry-over tax and fee reductions in Jiangan.Huang Qiang, party secretary and director of Jiangan District Tax Bureau, said that it would further implement preferential tax policies such as tax deferment for small and micro enterprises, constantly improve the refinement, intelligence and personalized level of tax services, continue to create a high-quality tax business environment, and provide strong tax power for market players in Jiangan District.Source | changjiang daily please call great river jinan star miss each push ▼