3000 vegetable gift packages delivered to White Horse Lake Hongyan Garden and Yingchun South Garden!This is xiaoshan’s love for riverside

2022-06-02 0 By

Today, there was a lively scene at the gate of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Shulan Agricultural Co., LTD. More than 10 people from xiaoshan District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs were helping to make vegetable packaging. They sent 1800 love vegetable gift packages to two closed control areas (Hudong Village and Zhizhang Village) in Shushan Street.More than 3,000 vegetable packages were donated to yingchun Nanyuan, Xixing Street, Binjiang District and Hongyan Yuan, Baima Lake Community, Changhe Street.Years ago, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, so that the Spring Festival has become very special, xiaoshan, Binjiang several communities have been locked down.With the Spring Festival approaching, and the influence of rain and snow, the daily life of the residents in fenghong community affects everyone’s heart.Xiaoshan several agricultural companies in this special season, take on the responsibility for Xiaoshan, Riverside community to love.On February 2, xiaoshan District bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also called for more than 30 party members and cadres to assist Hangzhou Xiaoshan Weiyou Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to do a good job of vegetable packaging and donation work, will be 4,000 vegetable gift packages donated to Yiqiao Town Yujing Lanwan community, effectively ensure the isolation of the living needs.It is understood that in order to ensure that important real estate agricultural products are not out of stock, xiaoshan District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs timely formulated the “Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to cope with low temperature rain and snow weather and the Spring Festival epidemic prevention and control of major agricultural products to ensure stable production and supply emergency plan”.And set up the stable production of agricultural products to ensure the supply of work leading group, to ensure xiaoshan district basic agricultural products orderly production, adequate supply.Since January 29, as of February 6, 68 vegetable production bases above designated scale in Xiaoshan District have supplied 2,845 tons of vegetables to the city, accounting for 1/3 of the city’s locally listed vegetables, effectively ensuring the safety of the city’s “vegetable basket”.We helped enterprises to obtain 35 vehicle permits for epidemic prevention and control, effectively ensuring the smooth circulation of agricultural products.