Not enough driving licence points?One visit here minus 1 point, up to 6 times!

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New Year’s Day, Wuhan traffic police to send gifts!Driving license points not enough to do?Visit and study here, minus 1 point at a time.On January 24, the reporter came to wuhan traffic safety education base to visit and study, the time is full one hour, driving license can be reduced one point.Learning process is very relaxed and happy, while watching while listening, unconsciously passed an hour.A big gift from a traffic cop takes more than one point off.A score cycle can be learned up to 6 times, can be deducted up to 6 points.Date can be about!Drivers need to make an appointment through the “Traffic Management 12123” APP in advance to participate in the learning and scoring reduction activities, and can also make an appointment during the Spring Festival.Cool!Interesting!Wuhan Traffic Safety Education Base is located in the wuhan Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau vehicle management office (general office) yard, next to the vehicle detection line.In accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements, people are required to wear a mask, show their health code and take their temperature before entering the hospital.Extreme news reporters saw that the traffic safety education base is a gallery type exhibition hall, the exhibition hall light is soft and warm, pleasant room temperature.Into the hall, the front is a large LED screen, rolling play civilized traffic knowledge and base introduction.After walking through the hall, I came to the second small exhibition hall, and I saw a more cool LED screen. Below the screen is the big Wuhan displayed by laser 3D image. Chen Dan, a police officer from the Vehicle Administration Bureau explained that what is displayed here is the smart brain and big data center of Wuhan traffic police.Many exhibition boards on the walls around show the history of wuhan’s transportation development.Came to the third small exhibition hall, unexpectedly parked a bus, car body written “bus escape simulation learning”.Policeman Chen Dan went on the bus and explained how to use the safety hammer to break the window glass to escape. “You must hit the four corners of the window glass, it is easy to break.”She picked up the safety hammer to hit the four corners of the “window”, “window” is actually a large LED screen, the large screen “broken”, the effect is very realistic;She put down the safety hammer and picked up the fire extinguisher equipped with the car to explain fire fighting and self-rescue knowledge.Further down the road is the safety learning area for hazardous chemical vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and small vehicles, as well as the safety education area for electric bicycles. Through display boards and videos, the knowledge of safe driving and accident prevention, such as blind spots of drivers’ sight, as well as the rules of road traffic accident liability identification are introduced.The display was followed by an educational warning zone for drunk driving, a display of historical breathalyzers used by traffic police officers, and a number of “drunk driving simulator glasses” that provide realistic feelings of drunkenness, such as slow reaction times, distorted vision, double vision, difficulty in discerning space and distance, and impaired judgment.”I feel like getting seasick. I can’t even walk steadily. How can I drive?The last exhibition hall has the largest area, including driving ability evaluation area, traffic accident rescue area, traffic safety knowledge answering area, fun game area and so on.In the driving ability evaluation area, you can experience driving in special environments such as bad weather and rough mountain roads through simulated driving.In the middle of the corridor, set up a small projection hall, the screen plays the traffic safety warning film, painful traffic accident picture, warning drivers, passengers always tighten the awareness of traffic safety, civilized driving according to law, safe ride.An hour passed unconsciously as I watched and listened.Police Officer Chen Dan introduced that wuhan traffic safety Education Base construction area of about 1,500 square meters, the exhibition hall is divided into 12 sections, a total of 28 experience projects.Here, you can not only see the historical review of Wuhan traffic police with strong cultural atmosphere, but also observe and experience all kinds of simulation equipment full of science and technology. It is not only suitable for drivers who need to reduce points, but also suitable for parents with children to visit.Spring Festival is open!”Stick to do practical things for the masses, provide quality convenient services, Wuhan traffic police do not close the Spring Festival!”The relevant person in charge of wuhan Public Security Traffic control department introduced that, in order to give full play to the educational guidance and incentive role of traffic violation score system, as well as the re-education role of “learning the law and reducing points”, convenient motor vehicle drivers receive traffic safety publicity and education, during the Spring Festival this year (January 31 to February 6), 10:00-16:00 every day,The Traffic Safety Education Base (No.314 Youyi Avenue, Wuchang District) is open to the public by appointment.The traffic management department reminds: According to the requirements of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, the reservation scale will be controlled to a certain extent, please understand.The base has made epidemic prevention and elimination measures and explanation and reception arrangements, please come to experience the driver to take the initiative to cooperate with the temperature measurement, safety and civilization learning visit.1. Download and register the “Traffic Management 12123” APP as required.2, open the APP login, click “Learning method minus points”.3. Click public welfare activities, select “Traffic safety Propaganda and Education Base propaganda” or “Traffic safety Propaganda”, and make an appointment according to the time and number of sessions.4. After the APP shows that the appointment is successful, you should arrive at the gate of the safety education base 20 minutes in advance according to the appointment time and sign in using the mobile APP.5. After the visit and study, you can use the mobile APP to sign out at the exit of the safety education base, and the public benefit activity is completed.6. You can view the recently released activity plan through the “Traffic Management 12123” APP public welfare activity announcement — public welfare activity plan announcement.Click the publicity of the result of the public welfare activity, the list of people who have completed the activity will be displayed. 3 days after the publicity, if the driving license has scored, one point will be automatically reduced.1. The issuing place of the driver’s motor vehicle driving license should be Wuhan city.2. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance (i.e. before 0 o ‘clock on the day of visit).3. Please arrive in advance and use the mobile APP to sign in according to the appointment time. If you arrive later than the appointment time, you will not be able to sign in for study.4, the whole learning time is at least 60 minutes.5, participate in a “learning method minus points” public welfare activities, can reduce 1 point, a scoring cycle, can reduce 6 points.6. In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, please wear a mask before entering the hall, show your health code and accept the temperature measurement.According to the regulations, the driver cannot participate in the “Learning method reduction” under any of the following 7 circumstances: 1. Within this scoring period, the motor vehicle driver has more than two full marks, or the accumulated score has reached 12 points.2. The motor vehicle driver has more than 2 full marks in the previous scoring period.3. Within the latest 3 scoring periods, the motor vehicle driver has been punished for causing traffic accident to escape, or driving a motor vehicle after drinking, or using forged or altered motor vehicle number plate, driving license, driving license, school bus plate, or using other motor vehicle number plate or driving license, or buying or selling points.4. The motor vehicle driving license is in the internship period, or the motor vehicle driving license is overdue for examination, or the motor vehicle driving license is detained or temporarily detained.5. The motor vehicle driver has a record of unhandled traffic violation under his name.6. A motor vehicle whose safety technical examination under the driver’s name has expired or whose registration has not been cancelled in accordance with the provisions.7. The motor vehicle driver participates in receiving the traffic safety education to reduce or exempt the score of road traffic safety illegal act, or the motor vehicle driver engages in fraud or impostor during the education and examination education learning examination.As for the understanding of article 5, jimu news reporters learned that drivers participating in the “learning method to reduce points” should deal with their own electronic police records and their own motor vehicles in advance, otherwise they can not make an appointment. In other words, they should deal with the vehicle electronic eyes or traffic police on-site issued fines, pay fines.If you can make an appointment through the “Jiaoguan 12123” APP, you can participate in the “Learning method minus points”.On January 24, the reporter came to wuhan traffic safety education base to visit and study, the time is full one hour, driving license can be reduced one point.Learning process is very relaxed and happy, while watching while listening, unconsciously passed an hour.(Wu Changhua, Extreme news reporter)